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New Music Friday

New music is here, just in time for the weekend! Asking Alexandria just dropped a video for their song "Into the Fire." It's more melodic than most other AA tracks, but I'll take it. Asking Alexandria will release a new album on December 15.

I'm looking forward to the new album since Asking Alexandria is one of my favorite bands to throw on while I'm running on the treadmill.


Oh, Brother

The grudges, how they last a lifetime. I have no other words on this one, except Mike Tramp was begging for a White Lion reunion for years and Vito Bratta is one of the best guitarists of the era. Revisionist history!


Would Lemmy Approve?

Have you seen the Kia commercial with the baby hamster running from the maternity ward... set to Motorhead's "Ace of Spades?"

The other day, my husband said "I've got that hamster running from the hospital song stuck in my head." I stared at him and said "You mean 'Ace of Spades?'" He blinked and realized I was right. The commercial is so distracting he hadn't even picked up Lemmy's voice!

I haven't decided if Lemmy would approve of his signature track being used in this way. Ultimately he'd probably laugh and enjoy the royalty checks. The metal resurgence in pop culture continues!


At Least He's Honest

Gene Simmons is a money grubber and he comes by it honestly. He's a smart businessman to be sure and he knows how to market to make a buck. So when he said he'd love to trademark the air we breathe... I shrugged and thought "KISS air - sounds like a plane to me." Maybe Gene can't capitalize on oxygen... but who knows. He just might try.


Scorpions Live Videos

I can't believe it's Monday already. I feel like I'm going to have to ease into this work week. That probably means listening to a lot of music at my desk today.

The Scorpions are touring right now and some videos of their first performances are now online. These clips are from the Reading, PA show. Good stuff. I'll give these videos a listen while trying to shake the Monday blues!


Europe Release Album Trailer

It's here! Europe has released the first trailer for their upcoming album called Walk the Earth. The album will be available for purchased on October 20. Say what you will about Europe but they haven't shied away from making new music. In fact, they've been pretty consistent, releasing a new album every two or three years since 2004. They are still on my list of "must see live" bands.


Who Is Buying The Gene Simmons Vault?

The Vault is a 50 year time capsule of Gene Simmons' life - songs he has written but never released. It has an action figure and book plus other stuff. He will also hand deliver the Vault to you. Now, this thing isn't cheap. It's $2,000 which seems more than insane, but plenty will pay it. So who is first in line? Brian, I'm looking right at you!