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Vinnie Moore Tutorial

Vinnie Moore is an amazing guitarist. He's in UFO and has a new album coming out next month. I love the Facebook account All That Shreds - the folks behind the page post all sorts of amazing, old clips. Here's a little clip of Vinnie showing off his talent. I'll be listening to UFO today at work. I'm so glad it is Friday!

Stream UFO 'The Salentino Cuts' Here!


Led Zeppelin: Best Band In The World?

Led Zeppelin was the best band in the world, according to a recent interview with Jimmy Page. Agree? We all know Metalboy calls Zep his favorite band. There's good reason: all those classic albums and songs. Heavy riffs, melodic tunes, wailing vocals. And a band that knew when to hang it up before devaluing their product or mystique. Thoughts?


This Is What Vince Neil Sounds Like Live Now

Vince Neil is a road hound. He's always on tour somewhere. Vince performed at Downers Grove, Illinois the other day and I watched one of the clips. I happened to choose "Dr. Feelgood" and it was exceptionally hard to hear Vince. Yes, he skipped words. You can judge for yourself.

Stream 'Dr. Feelgood' Here


Blue Murder - Killer Clip

John Sykes is amazing, no doubt. This Blue Murder clip proves it. No clue what year this is - probably around '88 or '89. If you know, post in the comments!


Farewell Ric Ocasek 

Cars frontman Ric Ocasek has died. He was found unresponsive in his New York home by his wife last night. Ric's death is apparently from natural causes.

This one is a shock. Rockers immediately began commenting on Ric's passing via social media.


Stream 'The Cars -Complete Greatest Hits' Here!




Another New Alice Cooper Video! 

Alice Cooper has another video out to promote his album Breadcrumbs. The lyric video is for the song "Detroit City 2020." This is a remake of the earlier version of Alice's song "Detroit City."

Stream 'Breadcrumbs' Here!


Tom Keifer Releases 'Rise' Video

Tom Keifer has released the video for his song "Rise," which is the title track off his most current self-titled album. Rise came out yesterday. This is as close to new Cinderella that you are going to get these days, folks!

Stream 'Rise' Now