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Nikki Sixx Gives A Retirement Update

Nikki Sixx says he's retired... and then lists a million jobs and projects he's in the middle of right now! It doesn't look like he'll be touring anytime soon... but he's developing a non-reality TV show, which is very interesting. I would love to see a scripted sitcom about a famous, retired hair metal star. Hilarity ensues!

UPDATE: now this from TMZ:


The Video For 'Africa' Is Nuts

Have you ever really watched the video for the Toto hit "Africa?" It dawned on me last night that I've never seen that video... despite listening to the song every day as I'm a big fan of Yacht Rock on SiriusXM. So last night I fired up the YouTube box and watched the clip for "Africa" and I have to admit, I was mesmerized. I mean, the clip is hilarious. I know that wasn't the goal, but looking at it some 30+ years later, it's a riot. The clip reminds me a lot of our beloved Glam bands and some of their really early clips when MTV was brand new: crazy concepts that make no sense, bad clothes and horrible lighting.

But back to "Africa." It seems our friends in Toto are jamming on top of a giant pile of books and the lead singer is researching Africa... he points to Chad a lot on the map. And there's a librarian. And the keyboard player wears sweat bands on his wrists. Yes, both of them.

Here's a challenge: find me a video of a Glam band where one of the members is wearing sweats bands... on both wrists. Go!

And just for fun, here's a modern metalcore cover of "Africa" by Affiance:


Gone In A Flash

...and just like that, it was over. The Poison tour wrapped up last night in Noblesville, Indiana. It sure seemed like a short run. I didn't go see the band this time. I decided to save my cash since I've seen them live many times before and the set hasn't changed much.

Last night on Facebook, Poison posted a clip of "Nothin' But A Good Time" for their final show of the tour. It really did look fun!


Quiet Riot Debut 'Freak Flag'

For the first time, Quiet Riot performed their new song "Freak Flag" live. The song is from the album Road Rage, due out August 4.

You might recall I slagged Quiet Riot for adding yet another new vocalist in James Durbin, but to his credit he really does seem to fit the band. But here's the thing: he'd still sound good if they'd chosen a new name and moved on, but I digress. "Freak Flag" sounds good and fits in with newer Quiet Riot material. Video of the debut performance is below.


Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

Gene Simmons has abandoned his stupid attempt at trademarking the metal horns. His original request was filed on June 9 and he expressly abandoned it on June 20. I guess the public outcry and humiliation was even a little too much for Old Gene. I like to think I helped a little with his decision. Now we can all freely throw horns during shows without fear Gene will send us a bill for $5 bucks or something. I can't wait to see his next "stay-filthy-rich-scheme."



This Is Now America

Sorry, this isn't a post about a Glam band, there's no time for that today.

Yesterday, Republican leader Mitch McConnell had a bunch of disabled protesters arrested. They rallied at his office to fight for their Medicaid. Instead of talking to them like humans he treated them like animals.

Medicaid insures 79 million Americans. Here's some stats: 49% of all births are paid for by Medicaid dollars and 64% of nursing home residents pay their fees via Medicaid. It covers 30% of adults with disabilities and 20% of Americans overall.

So if you care about the disabled, call your senator and make your opinion known. The congressional switchboard is 202-224-3121. There isn't much time, so don't wait.

I'm turning off the comments because I don't have time to deal with the teeth gnashing. Someone close to me is very disabled and this post in her honor. Please don't disrespect her.  


Guns n' Roses Release Tour Recap Video

I swear, I want to see this show again... but man I don't want to spend the cash. Guns n' Roses just dropped a video recap of the first half of their European tour. Looks like great (giant) crowds and a lot of fun. Look at the castles in the background of Ireland!