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Guns n' Roses Just Dropped A Great Teaser Video

Guns n' Roses just dropped a great video on the band's official Facebook page. It was a little look back at the "Not In This Lifetime" tour... and a tease ahead of dates to come. This makes me want to see the show again but I don't really relish the thought of laying down that kind of cash again for another ticket.


Mr. Big Release New Song, '1992'

It might be 2017 for everyone else, but it's 1992 for Mr. Big. The band will release a new album Defying Gravity, due out July 7. Check out "1992" and let me know what you think.


Manchester Attack: Concert Safety

Each year, I write a post about concert safety. In light of last night's terror attack during the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, now is a good time to revisit some common sense safety tips. I've been a passionate proponent of concert safety precautions for years. After all, Dimebag Darrell was shot in my home state of Ohio. I was producing news then and I had to work the night of that show. If I didn't have to work, I would have been at the Al Rosa Villa in Columbus that night. So, we've had a mass shooting event with Dimebag. We had the horrible fire with Great White and now a terrorist attack with Ariana Grande and also the Eagles of Death Metal at the Bataclan in Paris.

Not all chaos is manmade. I was at Rocklahoma in 2008 when the weather got really severe, really fast and a stage collapsed and people got hurt. So, here's some common sense tips to stay safe and ensure a great time while enjoying your favorite bands: 

1. When you walk into a venue, always pay attention to which door you enter. It will likely be numbered if the venue is large enough. 
2.  Always look for the exists - the bigger the venue, the more eggress options. Notate the two closest exists to your seats. 
3. Know the cell number of every person in your party.
4. Have a quick conversation with your party about an unlikely emergency. Make a pact to get out and don't wait for each other if something bad happens. Pick a landmark to meet at on the outside of the venue.
5. Ladies: wear flat shoes and not flip flops. This is better for dancing and being comfortable during the show, but if you need to run, you can.
6. Go easy on the alcohol. Keep your wits about you. It's too expensive to drink a lot at a show anyway. Save it for the after party at the hotel.  
7. Know and understand the crowd you'll be around. You can sense when a crowd is getting aggressive or out of control. This is especially important for large festival shows with crowd surfing and a barrier. These are the sorts of events where "crushing" events have happened.
8.  Most importantly: don't let fear keep you from seeing the bands you love and living your life.



Amazon Music Unlimited - I Caved

I've been an Amazon customer since college, so we're talking about 17 years here or so. When Prime was announced, I immediately signed up and I've been a member ever since. I resisted Amazon Music Unlimited for a long time just because I didn't want to spend more money with Amazon each month... but I finally caved. For $7.99 a month I've now got access to about every song ever recorded... it's just so much metal I couldn't ignore this service any longer.

I was already routinely using Amazon Prime Music for my gym routine. Music Unlimited just makes this better - literally anything you can think of is on there, except for the Def Leppard albums from their debut through Hysteria. You get a free 30 day trial before the billing kicks in.

Are you using a service like Music Unlimited to discover new bands?



Aerosmith Launch Aero-Vederci Baby! Tour

A couple days ago, Aerosmith launched their (possible) farewell tour overseas, performing in Israel for the first time in over 20 years.

This video shows the band's new stage intro and is also the opening number, "Let The Music Do The Talking." "Draw The Line" wasn't in the set for opening night and that is absolutely criminal. I expect it will make it back in the set eventually. I've about given up hope for ever personally hearing "Nobody's Fault" live, but hey, you never know.

"Season's Of Wither"


Tributes To Chris Cornell At Rock On The Range Last Night

Soundgarden was supposed to headline Rock on the Range in Columbus, Ohio last night. Obviously that didn't happen and instead of getting a regular headline replacement, Rock on the Range organizers put together a tribute to Chris Cornell. The tribute was lead by Corey Taylor of Slipknot/Stone Sour and Christian Martucci of Stone Sour. Here's a couple videos:


It's Been A Long Week

I'm so glad it's Friday. It's been a long week. The news of Chris Cornell has left me shaken. I cannot believe he took his own life. You never know when people are hurting. Be kind and offer help when and where you can. I have nothing else to add, so here's a metal cat. Happy weekend.