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I'll Believe It When I See It

There's no way Van Halen is making new music with David Lee Roth anytime soon. I just don't see it. Now Diamond Dave likes to talk and we love that about him... but I think he sounds crazy in these quotes. Click below to read the interview. It's just nonsensical to me at this point.

Van Halen - The Best of Both Worlds


Hollywood Rocks Boxset For Sale

I'm continuing my decluttering and listing my Hollywood Rocks! boxset for sale. It's up on eBay now.

Click to view the auction and to bid. The condition is like new - I listened to each CD one time and placed everything back in the box. Then the box went into a plastic tub with other box sets.


Song list:

DISC 1: Early 80s (1980-1985)
1. Hollywood Rose - Killing Time
2. Hellion - Run For Your Life 
3. Mickey Rat - Dr. Rock
4. Plain Jane - Time Warp
5. Candy - Whatever Happened To Fun 
6. Steeler - Cold Day In Hell
7. Dokken - It s Not Love
8. W.A.S.P. - F**k Like A Beast
9. Black N Blue - Hold On To 18 
10. The Joneses - Looks So Good
11. The Zeros - Kokomo Joe
12. Quiet Riot - Let s Get Crazy 
13. Armoured Saint - No Reason To Live
14. Rat - In Your Direction
15. Bitch - Be My Slave
16. Kery Doll - Too Good For Heaven
17. Warrant - Last Action Hero
18. Sin - Break Down The Walls (That Stop The Rock)
19. Xciter - Sleepless Nights

DISC 2: Mid-Late 80s (1985-1989)
1. Poison - Look What The Cat Dragged In
2. Lizzy Borden - American Metal
3. L.A. Guns (with Paul Black) - Roll The Dice Faster Pussycat - Babylon
4. Stryper - To Hell With The Devil
5. Great White - Down On Your Knees
6. Demolition Galore - Bulimia Babe
7. Harlow - Rock The Box
8. Slut - Dr. Monster
9. L.A. Guns (with Phil Lewis) - Electric Gypsy
10. Decry - Dead End Zone
11. Nitro - Bitch On My Back
12. Faster Pussycat - Babylon
13. Rough Cut - Hold On 
14. Tuff - Sinner Street 
15. Odin - 12 O Clock High
16. Salty Dog - Strong Medication
17. Soundbarrier - Gladiator
18. WWIII - Love You To Death
19. Rock City Angels - Hush Child
20. The Seahags - Doghouse

DISC 3: Late 80s
1. Keel - The Right To Rock (Live)
2. Jailhouse - The Innocent
3. London - Rainbow Bar & Girls
4. Cherry Street - Hellraiser
5. Junkyard - Hollywood 
6. China - Love In Cold Blood
7. Bang Tango - Someone Like You
8. Black Cherry - Fading Away
9. King Kobra - Mean Street Machine
10. Motorcycle Boy - Cat s Paw
11.Tommi Gunn - Rip, Rattle And Roll
12. Stars From Mars - We Got Tonight
13. Cats In Boots - Her Monkey
14. Lions & Ghosts - Meteor Boy
15. Angora - Hey Operator
16. Virgin - I m No Angel
17. The Hangmen - Desperation Town (Live)
18. XYZ - Inside Out
19. Kills For Thrills - Commercial Suicide
20. D Molls - Action

DISC 4: Early 90s
1. Electric Angels - Def Generation
2. Burning Tree - Planned Disaster
3. Jetboy - Feel The Shake
4. Big Bang Babies - 8 Arms
5. Lypswitch - Sexx On The Sun
6. Syanide Kick - Hollywood Angel
7. Darling Cruel - Changed
8. Saigon Saloon - Days Gone By
9. Rebel Rebel - Tonight s Your Night To Rock & Roll
10. Spiders & Snakes - California Slide
11. Hardly Dangerous - Take Me To The Mountain
12. Skull - I Like My Music Loud
13. Yesterday s Tear - Cold
14. Pretty Boy Floyd - Shut Up!
15. Blackboard Jungle - Chicago
16. Love/Hate - Wish It Was Summer
17. Mondo Cane - High On A Dream
18. Fizzy Bangers - Hai Karate
19. Alleycat Scratch - Take A Bite Outta Me


Def Leppard at Download - Videos

Bloody hell, Def Leppard sounded incredible at Download last night -- according to the videos already on YouTube. Joe Elliott's voice is sounding great these days.


Def Leppard Do Instagram Takeover 

It's Download Festival weekend and Def Leppard are doing an Instagram takeover today. Check their Instagram stories for behind-the-scenes festival action. Apparently the weather at Download is terrible - with Biblical rains yesterday. Looking at the photos of the grounds on Twitter, the grounds are a muddy mess. Yuck!


Seeing Vince Neil Live

Who here has seen Vince Neil live recently? It's probably been three years since I've done one of his solo shows. That show wasn't great, but maybe Vince is tighter live now? Seeing Vince live is the only way to hear the Motley Crue songs we love in concert these days.

My other question is this: why does Vince always wear the same black tank, chain and jeans at each show?

Tattoos & Tequila: To Hell and Back with One of Rock's Most Notorious Frontmen


Top 20 Songs of the 80s

Well this is an interesting list. About 3 months ago, the account Slow Rock Ever posted a new clip on YouTube counting down the top 20 songs of the 80s. Of course, these lists are all subjective... but this is one list I don't really agree with very much! You can see the list in the first few frames and then hear some of the songs. Also, "More Than A Feeling" was released in 1976 (damn good song though!)

These clips all seem like live or facsimile versions. That's how you can keep these types of videos from being removed for copyright.


Richie Kotzen, 'Venom' -- New Song and Video

My beloved Richie Kotzen has released a new song! The track is called "Venom" and it is not part of a new album. Richie says he's done enough albums and now he just wants to create new songs as the spirit moves him. I like that. "Venom" is a cool track with that classic Richie vibe. Totally one of the most underrated guitarists and artists going today.

The Essential Richie Kotzen