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Sing (And Write?) For Your Supper

 Today's post is from our friend HIM. 

I am going to side-step a portion of what this could possibly be about in favor of a wider view. What, you ask? Singers who sing songs they didn’t write (or, in some cases, barely had any input into at all).
The most recent hub-bub regarding this relates to Dee Snider and his new solo effort. He admitted it. Didn’t write a single line on the album. He felt that Jasta and Co. captured his spirit; thus, he became the storm, or the hurricane, or what have you. I respect him for that. He owned what he didn’t own, so to speak.
Online scolds went ballistic. Sell-out. Lazy. You get the picture. Now, to be fair, some of us on this site have already discussed the quality of the songs on For the Love of Metal. But that isn’t my point. My point is: is there anything necessarily wrong with a singer not writing what he or she sings?
Obviously, there are shades of gray here too. Some singers provide minimal input (“God bless you all!!) and we still, more or less, regard them as standard-bearers for metal. Others are called in at a moment of crisis (sometimes called, caught in a mosh) and don’t really get a chance to make their mark . . . if they ever did or even wanted to do so. Still others own the writing process and/or collaborate with the rest of the band on getting the lyrics right (which results, one would assume, in more firepower overall).
Snider added a bit of dig in subsequent interviews: he noted that some of the people you thought wrote the lyrics for their songs didn’t. That is a bit more expansive, as it applies to a group that boasts they did, when they didn’t. And we obviously know, as fans of the genre, that a host of established bands (again, not just the singers) hired outside writers to polish up their songs. You wanted the best, you . . . well, you hired someone who was known for their song- and lyric-craft.
My take? It relates back to what I initially swatted away. The quality of the song, overall, is what matters. And some people listen to lyrics. I certainly do. Others don’t pay as much attention. I also think that some people are better at interpreting other people’s words and music (just as some covers are better and some worse). Dio’s songs are his lyrics. Diamond Dave is what he sings.  That said, I don’t fault Stanley for finding that the best part of waking up, was lyrics in his cup (I couldn’t resist).
I think Snider deserves a pass on this latest tempest in a teacup. Others don’t, however. Your take?



Get Well Oz Fox

This caught my eye when I opened my inbox this morning. I hope Oz Fox is feeling better soon. Well wishes to everyone in Stryper and all their fans, too. 

Sunday, August 12, 2018 — News began circulating this morning that Stryper's Oz Fox suffered a medical emergency on stage in Las Vegas overnight. In order to provide accurate information and dispel any rumors, the band has issued an official statement:

Our dear friend and lead-guitarist Oz Fox fell ill Saturday night while performing in Las Vegas with a side project that he sometimes plays in when not touring with Stryper. Oz suffered a seizure causing a fall on stage. After performing an MRI, doctors discovered an area of concern near his brain which they are now running a biopsy on. The doctors have instructed him not to drive or fly for 90 days. No additional information is available at this time. We appreciate your thoughts and prayers and we will communicate additional information as it becomes available. 

The logistics and options for current tour dates are being discussed with the respective promoters. U.S. tour dates will play as scheduled and in anticipation of a full recovery will include Oz Fox. The upcoming Australian tour will be performed as a trio (with the blessing of Oz), and will include Michael Sweet, Robert Sweet, and Perry Richardson. For our fans in Japan, please await an announcement from the concert promoter there as to the plans for the Japan tour.

New information will first be communicated via and Stryper's official Facebook page

Rocking since 1984, STRYPER is responsible for such classic '80s metal albums as Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil and In God We Trust. In fact, STRYPER is the first band to ever have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously with their hits “Free” and “Honestly.” After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, STRYPER returned strong in the early 21st century. Their latest album, God Damn Evil (Frontiers Music srl), was released in April. To date, the Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated band has sold over 10 million records worldwide.

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Jetboy Teases New Music

I knew a Jetboy album announcement was coming. This post below isn't it, but you can tell the band is getting impatient. New music is coming via Frontiers. We just need to wait a little longer for it I guess.

Jetboy - Feel The Shake


Testament Gets In The Crypto Game

Now I have a legit excuse to talk about crypto here on BBG! Testament is launching a crypto coin and this is very cool. I know people have their questions about digital currency and I think it is wise to be skeptical. I also believe that blockchain in the future of money transactions, especially large ones such as purchasing a home or car. And yes, I own a tiny amount of crypto. No I'm not a black hat hacker nor did I get to buy a Lamborghini in my flip flops when Bitcoin went bonkers half a year ago.

Testament - The Legacy [Explicit]

Now that Testament is in on this, I think even more folks will look into crypto. From the linked Blabbermouth article:

PRiVCY is a POW/POS privacy coin project, utilizing several security elements to protect the anonymity of PRiVCY users. Offering fast, secure and cheap transactions, the PRiVCY coin is integrated with TOR and has stealth addresses enabled to provide additional layers of privacy and security.


TESTAMENT vocalist Chuck Billy says: "When creating TESTAMENT music, we always use the latest technology. It's something that we insist on. And we like to be the first to use anything that's new, cutting-edge and cool. Cryptocurrency is something that we're excited about. We dig their technology, vibe, attitude and commitment to be the best privacy coin in the world. Our goal is to enable fans around the world to buy TESTAMENT music and merchandise with the PRiVCY coin."

If you know anything about Crypto, then you know that Coinbase is the absolute easiest place to change fiat for coins. You can't do that with PRiVCY. It's on Crex24, which I've never used but I assume requires user authentication before first purchase. If you get into the game, start small, don't spend what you can't lose and understand the market is extremely volatile. You are always better off buying low cost index funds.

Now, all this said,  I wonder if we've reached peak coin? I figure Gene Simmons will launch a KISS coin soon and that means Def Leppard can't be two steps behind, right? Happy Saturday! 



Aerosmith Plots Las Vegas Residency

It's all happening! Aerosmith will do a residency in Las Vegas during 2019 to celebrate 50 years as a band.

So far, no dates are announced and neither is the venue. The band will perform on the Today Show concert series August 15. My guess is that is when all the details will come out.

I'll be going to Vegas for this, shocking no one. I'll share the key details when they are known. For now, my advice is to save your pennies if you want to attend one of these dates. I think tickets will be pricey.

Aerosmith's Greatest Hits


Enuff Z'Nuff Announce Record Release Party

Via their Bands In Town page, Enuff Z'Nuff has announced a record release party this Friday at Shuga Records in Chicago. The band is celebrating the release of Diamond Boy and will perform new songs. Here's the note from the band:

Record release party this Friday @ Shuga Records 1272 N. Milwaukee Chicago . We will be there signing our new release “Diamond Doy” Enuff Z Nuff will perform also . Come out and join us for this free event . 7:00 Friday August 10th Shuga Records Chicago


Random Facts Are Random

So Janet Gardner is best known for fronting Vixen. She's also a dental hygienist. I didn't know she still did this work but apparently she does from time to time. My hunch is to keep her license active. I mean, we all need something to fall back on right?

I had to get my teeth cleaned Monday and it was the worst dental experience of my life. I say that without hyperbole and please know I wore braces and have also had an oral surgery. The cleaning was that bad. Painful and blood all over me... and no, I don't have any mouth diseases or cavities or anything. In fact, I take meticulous care of my teeth. I hope Janet is more gentle than the person I had. I mean, I even found some dental polish in my ear canal later that day!