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Motley Crue Week: Wednesday

I originally wrote about this on February 19, 2011. A true piece of Motley Crue history. The band preforms the Beatles hit "Paperback Writer" at the Starwood in 1981. This isn't a polished Beatles cover - but it does give us a glimpse of what Motley became! Just think - this performance is 38 years old and the band became huge beyond their wildest dreams. I thought this look in the vault was worth another peek - especially since we're praising all things old Crue this week!


Motley Crue Week: Tuesday

I originally wrote this review for Metal Express Radio a long time ago. Like, probably in 2007 or 2008. I was surprised to find the article still on the station's website. Enjoy! 

Originally released in 1983, Shout At The Devil is the seminal rock album of the 1980s. With their sophomore effort, Motley Crue continued to define both their musical and stage styles. As they honed their skills in the recording booth, countless other bands found ways to copy bassist Nikki Sixx, guitarist Mick Mars, drummer Tommy Lee, and vocalist Vince Neil.

The narration “In The Beginning” sets the tone for the entire album. Immediately, listeners realize they are about to embark on a sonic experience of Metal proportions. With the album’s title track, Motley Crue created a stadium anthem guaranteed to get fans on their feet, fists in the air. “Shout At The Devil” as a track is simple enough: it relies on heavy guitar riffs, steady bass, and chanting. The opening arrangement is both pleasing and painful to the ears. The chord changes and clashing notes transport the listener to an underworld where good and evil collide; where fantasy and reality are one in the same.

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With “Looks That Kill,” Motley Crue helped make Metal commercial. Through the new invention of MTV that had emerged during this era, the band used the strength of this track to produce a major budget music video. The “Looks That Kill” video helped Motley Crue create a synergy of music, mayhem, and moxie. The heavy intro keeps the Metal train rolling, and the hook keeps the song running through your head all day long. It’s also through “Looks That Kill” where lyrical master Nikki Sixx really lets his talents shine. A true testament of any good songwriter is the ability to transport a listener to another place and time, and Sixx accomplishes this goal with this track.

The heaviest song on the record is “Bastard;” not a single, but destined to become a concert staple. The pace of the track is frenetic and the lyrics alarming. As with all things Motley, shock value is of the utmost importance and the boys achieve their goal with this head-banging classic.

The Beatles cover “Helter Skelter” seems somewhat misplaced among the Metal majesty that is Motley, but somehow, the quartet makes it work. Perhaps it’s the enterprising guitar solos by Mick Mars or the thunderous rhythm of Tommy Lee. Whatever the reason, Motley tackles this British Invasion track, transforming it into a Sunset Strip sleaze staple for cover bands in bars all across the world.

Even though “Too Young To Fall In Love” peaked at number 90 on the Billboard chart, today the track is synonymous with all things Crue. Always the wordsmith, Nikki Sixx is able to sum up every bad relationship with two simple sentences:

You say our love / Is like dynamite.
Open your eyes / ‘Cause it’s like fire and ice.

With blazing guitars, screeching vocals and lyrics that succinct, it’s hard to argue the importance of “Too Young To Fall In Love” in Metal history.

The tracks “Red Hot,” “Knock ‘Em Dead Kid,” “Ten Seconds To Love,” and “Danger” all play their role in rounding out this classic Metal masterpiece. Always eager to spawn controversy in favor of gaining street credibility, the boys in Motley Crue dedicated “Knock ‘Em Dead Kid” to the LAPD. Ready for a “star spangled fight and back in black,” the Crue threatens other bands that come too close to their Metal empire, built and glorified on the strength of Shout At The Devil.

The special 2003 re-master of Shout At The Devil contains extra goodies like demo versions of the title track, “Looks That Kill,” “Hotter Than Hell,” and “Too Young To Fall In Love.” The 2003 re-release also includes the previously unreleased track “I Will Survive.” The enhanced CD also includes the video “Looks That Kill.” Original artwork, complete liner notes, and updated band interviews are also included in the re-mastered package.

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Total run time: 34:57


Motley Crue Week: Hair Nation Takeover

Here's a heads up: It's Motley Crue week over on SiriusXM too. Looks like there's a lot of Crue going on at Hair Nation the next few days. Special stories, interviews and lots of music of course!


Motley Crue Week: Monday

Welcome to Motley Crue week here at Bring Back Glam! All week, we'll talk about the Crue and get ready for the big premiere of The Dirt this Friday, only on Netflix.

Pay attention to the social media accounts of the Crue members this week. I expect a flurry of press activity. Yesterday, the band was together to give the most famous words in racing!

Today is the official premiere of The Dirt so I guess this is the red carpet event.

Tomorrow we'll have a classic album review of Shout At The Devil.

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Happy Thin Lizzy Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m Irish don’t you know, so I’ll definitely be wearing some green today.

Since we’re celebrating Ireland today, here’s an obligatory post about Thin Lizzy.

Enjoy the deluxe edition of Jailbreak from Thin Lizzy. Yes, this one includes “The Boys Are Back In Town.”

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'Like A Virgin' -- Motley Crue Cover

It's here! The Motley Crue cover of the Madonna classic "Like A Virgin."

So far I've read that this is both the best and worst cover of all time. That Motley should never record again. That Motley should tour again. Really, it's just something fun the band did for The Dirt soundtrack.

Incidentally, starting Monday, it's Motley Crue week around these parts as we count down to the premiere of The Dirt on Netflix. Holla! Audible Gift Memberships


Michael Schenker Fest - Recording Second Album


From my inbox - great for fans of Michael Schenker!

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST - Currently Recording 2nd Album + Announce New Drummer

US Tour Kicks Off On April 15th At The Whisky A Go Go

Following the release of their successful first album Resurrection, MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST is currently recording their second album, co-produced by Michael Schenker & Michael Voss, which is tentatively scheduled to be released in August.

The news is bittersweet as the band recently mourned the passing of beloved MSF drummer Ted Mckenna.

Michael comments, "We are totally heartbroken to hear about Ted McKenna - our amazing drummer and dearest friend - passing away. It’s a massive shock and a huge loss to lose Ted so suddenly. He always had a smile on his face and was one of the most sincerely genuine people you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. One of the great rock drummers, he always played from the heart and his heart was music.  Rest in peace Ted, we will miss you x.”

The band also announced they will be welcoming back Simon Philipps and Bodo Schopf - who each played drums in MSG - to the Michael Schenker Fest line-up.  Simon who played on the MSG debut album will return as the main drummer on the upcoming second album. Due to his schedule, he is unable to be the live drummer for the upcoming US tour. This role will be completed by Bodo Schopf, who played on Perfect Timing and Save Yourself. With the sudden passing of Ted Mckenna, Bodo will be featured on the upcoming record but in a smaller role as he had the important job of preparing for the US tour.

Michael states, "We are very grateful to Bodo for being a team player and working out with Simon what needs to be done in order for us to continue as smooth as possible and also to Simon for helping us to make it all possible. Bodo is the perfect choice to continue as the permanent drummer for Michael Schenker Fest. It is a perfect balance between the musicians from the past. It includes everything as a family to continue Michael Schenker Fest."

Bodo comments, "I am very sorry that Ted had to leave us under these tragic circumstances, and I'm proud to rock for him and all the Michael Schenker fans. RIP Ted.”

MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST will kick off their US tour on April 15th at the Whisky A GO GO.  The trek will include performances in Vancouver, Chicago, and New York before concluding on May 18th in Austin. TX!

Before this kicks off, the MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST family is going to tour North America:

4/15/2019 Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA
4/16/2019 Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA
4/17/2019 Whisky A Go Go - West Hollywood, CA
4/19/2019 Palace of Fine Arts - San Francisco, CA
4/20/2019 Ace of Spades - Sacramento, CA 
4/21/2019 Revolution Hall - Portland, OR 
4/22/2019 Vogue Theatre - Vancouver, BC 
4/24/2019 The Palace (formerly Flames Central) – Calgary, AB CANADA
4/27/2019 Gothic Theatre - Englewood, CO 
4/28/2019 The Truman - Kansas City, MO
4/30/2019 Bourbon Hall - Louisville, KY
5/03/2019 The Pabst Theater - Milwaukee, WI
5/04/2019 Concord Music Hall – Chicago, IL
5/05/2019 Piere's - Fort Wayne, IN
5/07/2019 Danforth Music Hall - Toronto, ON
5/09/2019 The Egg - Albany, NY
5/10/2019 The Palladium - Worcester, MA
5/11/2019 Irving Plaza – New York City, NY
5/12/2019 The Space at Westbury - Westbury, NY 
5/14/2019 Ram's Head Live - Baltimore, MD
5/15/2019 The National – Richmond, VA
5/16/2019 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA
5/18/2019 Empire Garage – Austin, TX

A Decade of the Mad Axeman - Michael Schenker Fest