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Tesla Release Video For 'Save That Goodness'

Tesla have a new video out for "Save That Goodness." The video features Def Leppard guitarist Phil Collen. Collen wrote and produced the track. The song is from the band's new album Mechanical Resonance Live!, which is out now. The song is downright catchy. I dig it.


Who Is This Band?

Literally, I'm asking - can anyone identify this band? The photo has been making the rounds and it was texted to me last night. I've got no clue - so let's hear your best guesses. Happy Friday!


Nickelback Release 'Dirty Laundry' Cover

Nickelback is in the studio, working on a new album. During a recording session the band did a cover of Don Henley's 'Dirty Laundry' and decided to put it online for fans. The track isn't a single or part of the upcoming album - just something new to check out.

Personally, I prefer the Nickelback version to the original Henley, but that's me. I enjoy Nickelback and I'll probably add this to my running playlist.


Holy Cow! Tyketto Has A New Music Video; Album Coming

Tyketto will release a new album called Reach on October 14th.

This year marks the band's 25th anniversary. If memory serves, this is the band's first video since 1994 - but correct me if that's wrong! I really like the track "Reach" which you can hear belong. The guitar work is great! I listened to the track a few times in a row and tapped my foot the whole time. Good stuff.


'We're Not Gonna Take It' - Piano Version For Cancer Funds

Dee Snider teamed up with illusionist Criss Angel for a piano version of the Twisted Sister classic "We're Not Gonna Take It." The song was remade to raise money for Angel's cancer charity HELP (Heal Every Life Possible). Angel started the charity in honor of his two-year-old son, who is in remission from leukemia.

Angel directed the video - it was shot around Las Vegas. As you'll see below, the clip is very powerful. I posted the video via Dee's Facebook page because I wanted you to see and read the comments below the video. I've never seen a celebrity Facebook post with more positive comments, ever. Simply click where it says "posted by Dee Snider" and you'll see all the comments. 


Alice Cooper Interviewed on CNN

Remember a few weeks back when I told you that Alice Cooper was running for president? Well, the equal air time rule has kicked in and CNN recently interviewed Alice about his campaign. "A Troubled Man For Troubled Times." Click the Facebook link below to be directed to the CNN clip. The interview is pretty fun and Alice shares some clips of his current live show, which features Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump beating the crap out of each other. We're 77 days until the election. The craziness hasn't even started yet!


Guns n' Roses Stack The Deck In LA

Apparently Guns n' Roses filled the first two rows of their Friday show at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles with models. No boyfriends or non-models allowed. I guess the Los Angeles gigs are being recorded for a DVD, so this makes sense to me. They obviously wanted the pretty people upfront, interacting with Axl. Too bad the diehard fans got shoved further back, but that's how life and the world works.