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Josh Todd & The Conflict, 'Rain'

Josh Todd has a new side project, called Josh Todd & The Conflict. The band will release its debut Year Of The Tiger on September 15.

Now, the band has a video for the song "Rain." The clip is like a mini crime movie - good stuff. More importantly, the song rocks too. We'll see what happens with Buckcherry. There's been tumult with the band lately, but it's good the most of the members are making music in The Conflict. 

Reader Comments (3)

Um . . . can we get Buckcherry back on track? Soon? Please?

I like the Novocaine. I like the Novocaine. The sound is not with them, my friends. The only conflict that has to be solved is what the hell he is doing.
August 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHim
Hahaha!!! Nice, HIM! Great to have your blistering truths back, my friend.

I agree completely, and I think the old adage, "Why fix it if it ain't broke." should apply here, especially if you're not fixing it, but tarnishing your own reputation as the leader of the band that singularly brought Glam Metal back from the dead in 1999 with their monster out-of-the-blue hit, "Lit Up" and kept it going with "Crazy Bitch" and even better right up through their last album.

Nice guitar solo and video, though, they didn't have enough of a twist to the story (especially the ending), which quickly downgraded it itnto an LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) mish-mash bunch of cliché quick cuts back and forth between a bunch of clichés.

And can I just say how I generally hate band names with the leaders name first and separated out and then the band (oh, yeah, you guys over there), second, with the rare exception of Jimmi Hendrix & The Experience, Derek & The Dominoes, John Mayall & The Blues Breakers or Elvis & The Attractions.

Here it just looks like the guy needs a big ego booster shot or something (something like the good ol' "more money for me, less money for the band formula) . Todd should just realize he's the frontman for a fantastic f*ckin' band and get back to making hit songs as HIM implies.
August 9, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Glad to be back, Metalboy! And nice to see that you and I have scheduled our returns at roughly the same time. Great (or similar?!?!) minds think alike?!?!
August 10, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterHim

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