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The Black Album Turns 28

I can't believe it has been 28 years since Metallica released the "black" album. I still remember like it was yesterday: MTV and radio went nuts! Everyone owned this album and "Enter Sandman" was just huge - for better or worse! Revolver magazine did a nice feature on the album with some tidbits you might not know.

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Reader Comments (7)

The question is, "When did Metallica jump the shark, exactly?"

And yes, i know it has sold millions and broken records. But it was still a weak release for thrash masters like Metallica. My opinion anyway!
August 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBkallday
I'll get flamed here ... but this album introduced me to Metallica. I then went back and listened to the back catalog and realized what I had been missing. Obviously they went mainstream with this album, and I haven't liked anything really since except for Whiskey in the Jar (full disclosure, have not listened to the last release at all). Of course, I can still listen to Master, One, Fade to Black, Seek + Destroy, Bell Tolls, Creeping Death etc. any day, anytime.
August 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterSteverox
Once again, I’m completely with BK on this.

I bought this album and listened to it once, primarily because one really didn’t have to as the key cuts were so overexposed upon its release via Rock Radio and MTV.

Personally, I just found the album to be, well, quite boring, to be honest.

They might as well have nicknamed it “The Black & White Album”, because those are the only colors I think I would see if I closed my eyes when listening to it.

On the other hand, “Master of Puppets” could have been named “Masterpiece”, as it just flat out ROCKS!!!
August 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I used to like this somewhat but I haven’t felt the urge to listen to this in at least 20 years. And it’s not just because it’s overplayed. Back in Black and Appetite are also overplayed and I still listen to them every once in a while. Nut sure what it is other than what MB said, it’s boring.
August 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBasileus
You damn right, MB, a true thrashterpiece! MOP was groundbreaking 🤘🏼
August 13, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBkallday
Wow the stars aligned and everyone agrees :) Well said one and all! But at least Kirk discovered the wah pedal and the blues scale on that album LOL
August 14, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterShawn
Metallica's Black album is a steaming pile of fecal waste. other than bob rock's massive production, the songs are like a glass of warm milk. any balls that band had died with Cliff. Yes, Puppets was brilliant, but I didn't truly appreciate it for several years. When Puppets came out, I was much more into, at least on the thrash side, Slayer, Exodus, Possessed, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, and other stuff like that.
August 15, 2019 | Unregistered CommenterBob

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