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Oni Logan Leaves Lynch Mob

Oni Logan has left Lynch Mob. This news comes by way of a cryptic message he posted on his own page a few days ago. Oni is apparently off to work on another project this year, so we'll see where that goes. Lynch Mob is on the bill for the Monsters of Rock Cruise next month... Facebook comments mention Robert Mason is filling in. What do you think of this news?


'I'm Still Alive' -- Loudness, New Song

Loudness is a band we don't discuss here often. Later this month, the band will release The Sun Will Rise Again. One of the songs from that album is "I'm Still Alive" which you can stream below. Loudness set out to create an album to "cheer you up," which isn't something most metal bands say everyday. Check it out.


Steel Panther Guest Star On 'Ridiculousness'

Ridiculousness is a show on MTV. It's a clip show of people doing dumb things on video... There are guests each show. This week, Steel Panther guested for a glam metal themed episode. Ridiculousness happens to be one of my husband's favorite shows (seriously) so I could hear him cackling during this one. I didn't even know Steel Panther was on until Eric recorded the show and insisted I watch. The clips honestly make me nervous. I can't watch people hurting themselves. But Steel Panther were funny, so I thought I'd pass along. Here's a clip of the show. You can catch it on MTV this weekend.


Joe Perry Rocks Out With Members Of Cheap Trick, Stone Temple Pilots & Extreme

Aerosmith guitarist headlined the Monster Consumer Electronics Show (CES) concert. He was joined by members of Cheap Trick, Stone Temple Pilots and Extreme for a jam session. The concert was called "The Sound of Rock" and Joe streamed it on his Facebook page.

Happy Friday. We're getting a big winter storm where I live today so the commute will be a nightmare and everyone will be on edge and in a bad mood. I'm so over this weather. Just 68 days until Spring!


Farewell 'Fast' Eddie Clarke

Some sad Motorhead news. Original guitarist Fast Eddie Clarke has died. The cause of death seems to be pneumonia. Here's the Facebook announcement:


John Corabi To Release Solo Album

John Corabi will finally release Live 94 (One Night in Nashville) on February 16, 2018. The self-titled Motley Crue album is the best the band ever released. The problem, of course, is that Corabi was singing and not Vince Neil. I love Corabi's voice but a lot of Motley's fans just couldn't get over the change.

I heard Corabi do all of Motley Crue '94 and it was awesome. I'll be getting this album.


Queen To Receive Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

You would have thought this had already happened, but better late than never I guess: Queen will receive the Record Academy's Lifetime Achievement Award. Other recipients this year include Tin Turner, drummer Hal Blaine, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, The Meters and bandleader Louis Jordan.

Believe it or not, Queen has never won a traditional Grammy award. I suppose this proves that such awards don't really mean much at all - Queen was always in a league of their own. True genius.

The 60th annual Grammy Awards will be held on January 28 at Madison Square Garden in New York City.