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Tempt Will Carry The Torch Of Glam

Tempt, who made a name for themselves with a great Def Leppard cover, is now out with a new single called "Roses." You can buy it now on iTunes or on Amazon by clicking the image to the left. Great Glam for your Monday.

I'm going to spend my morning wishing I wasn't in pointless meetings and trying to get over horrific back pain. Each day, my back pain seems to get a little worse. I'm pretty good at just keeping on with life while dealing with it (it's been a years-long issue) but today it is really bad. Ugh. #Monday


So Here's The 'New' RATT Live

Well this is kind of ugly, but whatever. The "new" RATT debuted last night at a casino in Kansas. To be fair to the new guys, the weak link here is Stephen Pearcy. I mean, everyone on stage is a professional musician, so the notes are correct. But the feeling is wrong and it's just not RATT. For me to see RATT without Warren DeMartini just makes no sense.

I'm sorry to be negative on this beautiful summer Sunday, but this is just depressing. I think I'll go back to planning my bathroom remodel. This video put me in a sour mood. Picking out paint colors and tile always cheers me up.

Tell The World: The Very Best Of Ratt


'The Thrill Is Gone'

I have a few dedicated readers that send me direct messages on Twitter. Quite often, those messages are of awesome video clips they've found. Today I present on of those clips: Slash with B.B. King doing "The Thrill Is Gone." Just some awesome music for your Saturday. I never got to see B.B. King live, which is such a shame. A genius.

B.B. King - Ultimate Collection


Well Here's The New RATT Lineup

Blabbermouth has the new RATT lineup, which apparently is guitarist Jordan Zaff (from Razer), guitarist Chris Sanders (from Britny Fox) and drummer Pete Holmes (from Black n' Blue) plus Pearcy and Croucier of course. This lineup does nothing for me except make me shake my head.

We'll see how long this lasts I guess. RATT's New Breed tour starts this weekend. They are out with special guests Quiet Riot.

RATT - Reach for the Sky


More RATT Chaos

Well, Jimmy DeGrasso is out of RATT too, apparently. So now the only people in the band that we know of are Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier. I just don't see how this works, but whatever. The band will debut its new "lineup" on July 7 so we'll know how it all shakes out this weekend I guess.

RATT - Invasion Of Your Privacy


Be The Change You Want To See In The World

Happy 4th of July, my fellow Americans! I'm enjoying a day off work. The heat index where I live will be 108 degrees today (seriously). So I'm either staying in air conditioning or hitting the pool. Meanwhile, celebrate like this guy below. Rock on, metal friends. Rock on.


Motley Crue - The Greatest Hits

Current Mood

Well, this is the funniest tweet I've seen in the last 24 hours. There's a quality about it that is so... metal. I think it's the cat.

I only worked a half day yesterday because I had an afternoon appointment. While at my desk I listened to a lot of Aerosmith and Queensryche. I've been on a kick again. It's time for me to discover something new for my heads-down work marathons. I'm planning on slamming out some projects today while the office is quiet: a day before a mid-week holiday means hardly anyone will be around.

If you're off today, have fun and if you're traveling, be careful. Suggest me some new music in the comments section!