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Hear The New Motley Crue Song!

Motley Crue has a new song for The Dirt soundtrack. It's called "The Dirt (Est. 1981)." The song is on iTunes and Spotify now. The entire soundtrack comes out the same day as the movie, March 22. What do you think?


Sammy Hagar & The Circle Release 'Trust Fund Baby' Video

We've finally got the new video from Sammy Hagar & The Circle. The video is for the track "Trust Fund Baby" and the it appears on the upcoming debut Space Between. That new album will be out May 10.

Hagar wrote all the songs on the album. He's so rich the title of "Trust Fund Baby" makes me chuckle. He didn't come from cash - he earned it - but boy his kids won't be hurting!


Faster Pussycat, Bang Tango Announce Tour

This looks like a lot of fun! Faster Pussycat and Bang Tango are going on tour together this summer. There's even a date near me. The tour kicks off at the Whisky A Go-Go, which just seems right since the run is called Return to the Sunset Strip. There are dates all over the country. Hopefully you can catch one of these shows.

We're having terrible winter weather in my neck of the woods today. It is nice to think about summer concerts and warm weather. I'm over the snow and ice!


'The Dirt' Trailer Is Out Today

Update - here's the full trailer. It looks awesome!

For now, here's a teaser of The Dirt trailer. The Dirt debuts on Netflix March 22 and I cannot wait. One of my favorite books of all time.


Did KISS Steal Motley Crue's Stage Set?

Both Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue seem to think KISS is ripping off their farewell tour set.

Thing is, KISS fans are defensive and arguing that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been performing on lifts since the 1970s. That is true, they have. I think the issue that Nikki and Tommy are raising here is that the sets looks exactly the same, which I'll admit is a little odd.

There's an entire industry out there, designing sets for concert tours and musical productions. KISS and Motley Crue share a lot of fans and you would have to think a designer for their tour sets would know this, right? Anyway, this has been your social media outrage post of the day. Happy Monday.




New Slash Video 'The Call of the Wild'

Man this is a good song. Slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators just released a video for their song "The Call of the Wild."

It's a catchy rocker of a tune that should boost your mood. The song is on the album Living the Dream which is appropriate because I'm pretty sure Slash is out there living his best life these days.


Lightsnake? “Shut Up and Kiss Me”

Today's post is from our friend HIM.
Hmmmm . . .

Let's start with the fun stuff. Liked the humorous nods to past videos and glories. Also liked, though it is becoming a bit formulaic these days, the more inclusive nod to fans of all ages and types. Nice to see yourself in a video, right? But you wonder: is this the new, inclusive, version of Whitesnake? Is this “Still of the Night” with a dose of “Hands across America” and a side of “We are the World,” visually-speaking? It seems out of sync with even the most recent live performances. Coverdale isn’t flinging third-wave feminism essays into the audience. He is still trying, and I mean trying, to act the rogue. So the message is a bit mixed when you reflect on things a bit.
Let’s go just a bit deeper. This really is just a continuation of the sound that ‘Snake has been mining since around the time of “Kittens Got Claws” on Slip of the Tongue (1989). Mind you, the kitten didn’t have (as in, “has got”) claws, per se or punctuationally-speaking. So this is just keeping the pace with a trend that some fans love and some fans don’t. Personally? I am still a fan of the older stuff, even pre-Slide It In. But that’s just me (not thats just me). If you are going to dig in well-tilled fields, then dig, baby! When you got the blues, even as an affectation, best you go with it. Everything post-Slip made me sorta’ blush . . . a deeper shade of purple (to borrow and butcher).
I also notice some interesting wrinkles. No, that isn’t an age joke. You can hear a decidedly Night-Ranger-ish shift in guitar sound. I am (I repeat, ad nauseam) no musician. But that certainly seems to be the case. And why wouldn’t it be? Hoekstra did admirable service in said band for five-plus years. Not a bad thing at all.
But I also found the overall sound very, very sterile. The choruses sounded big but thin. It sounded like all the parts were recorded in different rooms and then shoveled through a computer, spit-polished with digital sandpaper, and reassembled from the bit and bytes after pushing the button that say “mix this to sound like a rock n’ roll song.” I fear I am approaching some sort of “analog” argument while shooing young people off my lawn . . . but I couldn’t muster the specifics to make that case stick. It is also the case that the song might sound much better upon official release, in either the standard or video-mix versions (the latter available as a bonus track).
I guess what I am saying is this: it ain’t bad. I wasn’t expecting much at this point in Lord Coverdale of Tahoe’s career. So that is faint praise for a recorded song. And that is the best way for me to judge Whitesnake these days.  Otherwise, I really get ornery.

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