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'Crazy From The Heat' (And Monday)

Happy Monday. I'm running a work event today that will be outside. It's nearly 100 degrees in southern Ohio, so I'm pretty concerned how it will turn out. Plus I'll be working about 12 hours in that heat, so that doesn't sound fun either!

I saw Tommy Lee feuded with his son Brandon on Instagram for Father's Day. That's pretty sad. Laura Bush penned an op-ed about the Trump policy of ripping kids from their parents at the border. That's even sadder. You can't request asylum until you are into a country's border. To then snatch a tiny child and shove it into a tent in 100+ Texas heat alone? Monstrous.

I worked all weekend on various projects. I don't think I've had my music on in four straight days. I went heads down at my desk last Wednesday, just trying to slam some stuff out. I popped on Def Leppard's Hysteria and just got some stuff done. That's always my work go to when I need to focus. I think it's because I know the album so well, I just sort of make it background noise at this point instead of active listening.

Since I'll be setting up hundreds of chairs and tables for today, maybe I'll pop on music for everyone to enjoy while work. "Crazy From The Heat" seems like a good plan! Here's something random: a video for the casting call of the "Crazy From The Heat" video clip:

And the actual clip, of course:


David Ellefson Announces Dates For Basstory Tour

Happy Father's Day to all the dads! I hope you have a rocking day. 

From my inbox:

Grammy Award Winning Megadeth bassist, author, entrepreneur, and Metal Icon David Ellefson has announced the first dates for his BASSTORY tour, a series of limited and exclusive "Storytellers" dates, starting 9/21 in Portland.

Dubbed “Basstory: An Intimate Evening of Riffs and Repartee with David Ellefson”, the show combines solo bass performance with David’s celebrated brand of storytelling, as he recounts intimate details of his struggles and triumphs in the name of Rock N’ Roll.

BASSTORY will also include special VIP meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Says Ellefson, “I have always done clinics, and a few years ago did an amazing spoken word tour in Australia to support my book My Life With ‘Deth, and have always welcomed the opportunity to be able to meet and connect with fans on a more intimate level. These important parts of my professional life converged to create BASSTORY. Not only will fans get to hear some of their favorite bass riffs, but the stories behind them. It’s not often I get to get into small, intimate Rock clubs, the way this all started, and I’m excited for fans to get to experience this show.”

Tickets and limited VIPS are available for purchase at

9/20 Portland, OR - Dante's 
9/21 Spokane Valley, WA - The Roadhouse 
9/22 Fife, WA - Louie G's 
9/28 San Antonio, TX - Fitzgerald's 
9/29 Houston, TX - BFE Rock Club


My Life with Deth: Discovering Meaning in a Life of Rock & Roll

Well, This Is Stupid

I've decided to start tagging nearly everything I see on Twitter with #ThisIsStupid. I might start weekly round-ups of stupidity here, too.

RATT is a joke of a band these days. I mean, just a straight up mess. The iconic band made some of the best songs of the era we love, but good grief. So many lineup changes, firings, scab members... come on. George Lynch is one of the best living guitarists of all time. He's also not RATT. Warren DeMartini is RATT. Period. The whole thing is such a shame. #ThisIsStupid

Tell The World: The Very Best Of Ratt


Vixen Release Acoustic Version of 'Edge Of A Broken Heart'

Vixen's biggest hit is easily "Edge of a Broken Heart." Now the band will release Live Fire on July 6. That album is all live tracks, recorded during 2017. To promote this album, the band has just released "Edge Of A Broken Heart" - the live, acoustic version. I have to admit, I love it. I'm not always a giant acoustic fan, but some songs sound great stripped and electric and I think this is one of them.

Happy Friday - I am so glad this work week is coming to an end. I have lots of projects I'm working on at home. I need to get them done!


A Look Inside The Seemingly Never Ending GnR Tour

A pretty cool tweet from Guns n' Roses yesterday gives us an inside look at their current reunion tour. The band is on the European leg of the Not In This Lifetime tour. The tour ends in South Africa at the end of November.

And there's this Kerrang! cover too:

Buy Appetite For Destruction [Super Deluxe Edition] Here

Mr. Big Release Video For 'Colorado Bulldog'

Mr. Big will release Live From Milan on July 13. One of those tracks is "Colorado Bulldog" and now there is an official video for the song below. You can pre-order that album here: Live From Milan. It's good to see Mr. Big rocking out on stage together. I've only seen them live one time. It was a pretty cool experience.


Led Zeppelin Readies New Book For Anniversary

This one will be big: a giant Led Zeppelin history to celebrate the band's 50th anniversary. Pre-order at the link inside the tweet. Called Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin, the 400-page book details the band’s history with lots of photos. Many of the photos are previously unpublished, so there's some real history to learn here. This is going to be cool!

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