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A Year in the Life

Well, here we are: the one year anniversary of Bring Back Glam!

I started this website late on a Sunday night, exactly one year ago today. I was sick and tired of hearing hip hop or country on every radio station. I thought back to a time when I was most musically satisfied: my youth, when Glam Metal was king. Adult thinking - and education - kicked in and made me realize I could use the power of the pen to do my part to Bring Back Glam!

It seems I'm not the only who loves the genre, judging by your eager comments and opinions. Internet radio stations are programmed to support our type of tunes and Sweden is now a bastion of glam.

For better or worse, I've tried to talk about the most important music topics in my life -- and awaited your thoughts. I've shared with you my favorite bands, favorite concerts, favorite experiences related to music. Thanks to this website, I've made friends with people all over the world and interviewed some really famous musicians. I've stood backstage or at the barricade of some really great shows and I've gotten to share those experiences with all of you, which is the best part.

Each day I'm amazed that people stop by and actually read what I've written.  That's a gift everyday and I'm eternally grateful.

My very first post is titled "It's Time." Well, that time continues and together we can work to bring back real music, with true musicians. Let's get rocked.





A Little Holiday Cheer

Ok, I despise Christmas music. Always have, thank you very much. There's bad, there's worse...and then there's glam to the rescue. Winger dares you to have a "Silent Night." Just listen to the vocals!


Hey Gilby, Where's Izzy?

gilbyclarke.jpgIzzy Stradlin is best known as the original rhythm guitarist for Guns n' Roses. He was also a main songwriter, giving the band that great, gritty sound we all love on Appetite for Destruction. Like all members of Guns n' Roses, Izzy dabbled in drugs.

On this day (December 2) back in 1991, Gilby Clarke replaced Izzy in the band. Izzy left to protect his sobriety and was replaced within a month because of the band's Use Your Illusion Tour. While the autobiography Slash talks about Izzy suddenly going sober, many details that led to that life-changing decision are left to the imagination.

Whatever the case, the band's sound was changed immensely after the firing of original drummer Steven Adler and departure of Stradlin.

For better or worse, Clarke was in, with little or no fanfare. I always thought this was weird that a major band could have such a dramatic change without much media scrutiny.

The band publically made light of Izzy's departure in the "Don't Cry" video, with the "Where's Izzy?" sign. I wonder if that sign made Clarke feel uncomfortable? After all, he was in and Izzy was out...I'm sure the awkward position wasn't ideal for Clarke from the beginning.

In 1994, Axl Rose decided Clarke wasn't a good songwriter, so he was out of the band.

The new Slash autobiography talks about Izzy working with Velvet Revolver during the search for a singer. Izzy jammed with the other members, and even suggested touring without a singer. I can't help but wonder if Axl Rose destroyed Izzy's drive to be in a national band. While he's continued to make several solo records, it just doesn't seem like he has the desire to be on top of the world like he was during the Appetite for Destruction hey day.

I wasn't one of the lucky ones to see Guns n' Roses on their massive Use Your Illusion tour. From everything I've read, it seems like it was a quite a show. It makes me sad that rock bands just don't put on massive stage performances these days. I'm sure such spectacles are cost prohibitive, but sure would be great fun.

Photo credit: Gilby Clarke official Myspace page.


God Gave Rock n' Roll To You

Last night, VH-1 was running a special on KISS. I stopped to watch for awhile because both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley amuse me in so many ways. I suppose it's good to sit on a musical Dynasty.

One of my favorite KISS songs is "God Gave Rock n' Roll To You II." Originally recorded for the soundtrack of Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the track is also featured on the 1992 release Revenge.

If you're not familiar, "God Gave Rock n' Roll To You" is an Argent song. In my mind, it's a classic with a great guitar riff and more mellow lyrics. For the most part, KISS kept the legendary riff, but made it a little heavier. Gene and Paul also changed up a lot of the words. I definitely prefer the KISS version, but I respect Argent. If you've never heard the original, take a listen:

Now, here's the KISS version. I'd love to hear this live.

There's something about the KISS video that I really love. It's hard to pinpoint, considering the video isn't complex. Perhaps it's the great shots of Eric Carr playing his heart out while battling cancer. Maybe it's all the water-stomping by Paul Stanley. Whatever the case, it's a personal favorite. The downside is every time I listen to "God Gave Rock n' Roll To You II," it's stuck in my head for days and days.

Now that you've listened to both versions, which do you prefer? The classic rock Argent anthem, or KISS and their glam goodness?


Sleaze Revival - Best Glam Events of 2007

Yesterday, I asked you for suggestions on the best Glam or Sleaze artists of the year. Today, we'll continue with the Sleaze Revival 2007 theme, tackling the biggest music events that are helping to Bring Back Glam!

Here's my list - in no real order. 

Rocklahoma - Even though I say this list has no real order, any one who was at Rocklahoma 2007 knows the impact on the 80s metal revival. I have high hopes for Rocklahoma 2008 and I would definitely peg Rocklahoma as the number one reason Glam Metal is on the rise.

Sweden Rock Festival - Featuring Aerosmith, Crashdiet, Skid Row, Quiet Riot, Fastway and more...this is one festival I'm so sad I missed! Someday I'll have a "Sweden" stamp on my passport, just so I can attend this big rock party.

Poison/RATT/Vains of Jenna summer tour - Two of the best Glam Metal acts in history, teaming up with the new breed of sleaze. It doesn't get any better!

Van Halen reunion
- The boys are still touring, so you've got time to catch a show. Hyped as the biggest tour of the year, it's also turning out to be the most profitable. Even with age, Eddie Van Halen is still a guitar mastermind. You need to see this genius live. Just pretend Michael Anthony is there and rock with Wolfgang. After all, he is a blood Van Halen.

Slash releases tell- all - Slash sure can wail on a guitar...and he's got an amazing life story to tell, too. Pick up Slash and learn about all the unknown Guns n' Roses drama. It's a great read and provides true insight into one of America's most talented - and destructive - rock bands.

Feel free to add your thoughts, or other events I may have missed. I can't wait for your comments and additions!

Sleaze Revival - The Best of 2007

Dear readers, your help is needed. I am teaming up with Hairball John for a feature on the so-called "Sleaze Revival" of 2007. Today, you need to help me determine the best sleaze/glam acts of 2007. The bands don't have to be new -- they can be comebacks, reunions, Swedish - whatever.

I'll get things started with my own list of the best Sleaze of 2007.

Vains of Jenna - The young Swedes played hundreds of shows this year, as support acts from everyone like Wednesday 13 to Poison and RATT. Their debut album Lit Up/Let Down is a strong effort and their song "Enemy in Me" is the best track on Viva La Bands Volume II.  

Crashdiet - The sophomore release by this Swedish band is surprisingly strong, despite a lead singer change. When original vocalist Dave Lepard committed suicide many people - including the surviving band members - thought Crashdiet was over. That was not the case, and The Unattractive Revolution is a great effort featuring H. Olliver Twisted behind the microphone.

Crazy Lixx - Their debut effort Loud Minority seemed to take years to release - but wow! Well worth the wait, put these guys on your radar. They are both talented and hot.

Gypsy Pistoleros - My favorite flamenco, sleaze band wowed the warm-up crowd at the Rocklahoma pre-party and Lee Pistolero has turned into a great friend of Bring Back Glam! Making waves in their native U.K. and here in the U.S., the renegade musicians will release Para Siempre in the near future. Right now, they are touring with Dirty Penny.

Dirty Penny - This band of California-based glam rockers prove that the historic heyday of the Sunset Strip isn't completely dead. Of course, they don't have a record deal and could learn a thing or two about product marketing. Still, Take it Sleazy is a damn good debut and major labels should take notice -- soon.

Nikki Sixx - Deal with it, people: Sixx is a creative genius. Nikki Sixx knows marketing and he knows his target audience. My favorite bassist has called 2007 "The year he gives back." He's back on top too: The Heroin Diaries is a New York Times bestseller and the accompanying soundtrack is brilliant. SIXX AM is an amazing band, not 100% glam, or Metal, or emo: it's just good.

Paul Black and Tracii Guns - This version of L.A. Guns gets slagged everywhere, but both Paul and Tracii are having a good year. They might not be playing stadiums, but they are playing and that says a lot. In my opinion, my interview with Paul Black is the best in Bring Back Glam! history. The duo seem to have fun on stage, and that counts for a lot. Plus, people are finally learning of Paul Black and his place in glam history.

This is just the beginning of my list. I want to leave plenty of room for your comments. I can't wait to hear who you think is Bringing Back Glam!




Side Stage Soapbox

rocklahomalogo.jpgFrom tangents to soap-boxes, Bring Back Glam! has turned into my mouthpiece this week. There are rumors all over the place that there will be a side stage at Rocklahoma 2008. I think this is a horrible idea for a multitude of reasons.

First, I've already paid good money for three V.I.P. seats. I want to the be in the middle of the action, in front of the main stage when I'm not doing media things. I want my seat for both rockin' and restin,' thank you very much.

Second, who determines who is main stage worthy and who is relegated to the side stage?  What if two bands I want to see are playing at the exact same time? This means smaller crowds for both acts and half the point of Rocklahoma is so thousands of fans can see their favorite bands -- and the musicians get a chance to play for a massive crowd. Third, will there be any seating at the rumored side stage areas? I highly doubt it, and I don't think it should be "first come, first served" when - once again - I've already paid for my seat license.

There is one way I can see a side stage working, but there would still be scheduling conflicts. A separate concert area would be feasible for non-80s based bands, or up and comers of the Glam genre. What if this happens and bands like Vains of Jenna, Big Cock, and Dirty Penny are playing the same time as headliners? This isn't fair to anyone.

For the most part, the single stage set-up worked marvelously last year. There were tents for unsigned bands, and those musicians played their hearts out all day long, so everyone had a chance to check them out. 

While we're on the subject of Rocklahoma, I'm adding more bands to my prediction list: I think Extreme will play and I also think Big Cock will be in Pryor, Oklahoma in some regard (for the rest, please see "Rocklahoma Predictions).

So, what are your thoughts on the rumoured side stage?