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AC/DC, Cello Style 

It's the middle of the night as I write this... because, once again, I can't sleep. It's my own fault. I've successfully weaned myself off caffeine but I had "regular" diet soda several times over the weekend at restaurants. I know better. So I'll be miserable at work in a few hours. My sleeping patterns haven't been good at all here lately. Either I can't fall asleep or I can't stay asleep, period. Or I want to sleep at 9 p.m. It sucks.

After trying to lay patiently for an hour I gave up and started scrolling sites online. I noticed a friend tweeted me this cool video of 2Cellos doing an AC/DC cover of "Highway to Hell." The video is neat and features Steve Vai rocking out in a Guitar Center. Watching this clip made me laugh, even at 3 a.m.


The New Man In Dokken

Ira Black is the new(est) guitarist for Dokken. The band, featuring Ira, played live last night at the Rockfest 80s festival in Houston. If you don't recall, Ira has been in a lot of bands including Metal Church.

Watching the clip below, you can tell that Ira is a great guitarist. The rest of the performance is just okay. Don Dokken sounds tired to me and maybe he was. He's human and everyone gets worn down from time to time.

When the time falls back, it's always one of my most dreaded days of the year. I hate that it gets pitch black at 5 p.m., right when it's time to leave work. You get up when it's dark and go home when it's dark. The "light" in between is usually gray. And it's cold. I can see why so many black metal bands come from Norway. The darkness makes anyone ready for corpse paint and screaming.


Black Veil Brides Back With New Songs

Black Veil Brides will release their new album Vale in January. In the run up to that release, they've been dropping new songs on YouTube. The newest track is "When They Call My Name." So far I think I like the band's last album better, but I'll reserve judgement until I hear the whole thing.

People like to mock Black Veil Brides, I suppose for their "look." They dress like early 80s era Motley Crue. I take that as a compliment, not a threat. And Black Veil Brides are musically tight. Still, "When They Call My Name" is a little pedantic for my taste. Slow, too. That said, the other tracks on the album are not this way and are more traditional rockers.

You know what always bugs me about Black Veil Brides? That music sites refer to these guys as L.A. rockers. Well, yes, they live in Los Angeles now. But they were formed in Cincinnati, Ohio. I think that makes them an Ohio band! Anyway, I digress. Check out the new song below. Remember, Black Veil Brides will tour with Asking Alexandria soon!


Hollywood Vampires Announce Summer Shows

I can't believe we're talking about summer tours, but this is about the time of year where we start to see those announcements en masse. Now the Hollywood Vampires are announcing summer tour plans. The band will head overseas for these dates:

2 – Hamburg, Germany - Stadtpark
4 – Berlin, Germany - Zitadelle Spandau
12 - Warsaw, Poland - Torwar
14 – Mönchengladbach, Germany - Sparkassenpark
27 – Munich, Germany - Tollwood
29 – Frankfurt, Germany - Jahrhunderthalle


My hope is the band announces a few U.S. dates too! I do love Joe Perry, Alice Cooper... and Johnny Depp! 


Speaking Of Guys Who Hate Each Other

Sammy Hagar is speaking out about his relationship with the Van Halen brothers. Or rather, lack of relationship. Basically, if you're wanting a Van Hagar reunion, forget about it. Hagar was hurt the brothers didn't wish him a happy 70th birthday. He interpreted that as the friendship is over. I'd say that's probably correct. Thoughts?

Not A Surprise... Still A Little Sad

It isn't exactly news that the guys in Motley Crue don't (and didn't) get along. Still it's a little sad to think that Nikki Sixx hasn't seen any of the other guys in the two years since they played their final gig. Nikki did admit to reaching out to Mick Mars, which doesn't surprise me. During a recent interview, Nikki had this to say:

"You know, time heals all wounds. I don't really know what the 'wound' is. We made millions and millions and millions of dollars, slayed thousands of girls and destroyed a million hotel rooms and have books and movies made about us. I can't see a downside. But what do I know."

There's more info on this recent interview and Nikki's musings below at the link. It was kind of interesting to me. 


Pop Evil Releases New Music

One of the modern bands my husband and I both love is Pop Evil. The band is releasing a self-titled album in February and have already released a video with the first single from their new album. The song is called "Walking Lions"

This band makes good music and does fun live shows, too. I've seen them live quite a few times and it is always a good time, so definitely check them out if you can.

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