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Def Leppard Release New Box Set

Def Leppard has a new box set and it is called The Collection: Volume One.

Volume One contains the first four Def Lep studio albums -- On Through the Night (1980), High ’n’ Dry (1981), Pyromania (1983) and Hysteria (1987). This is available in either LP or CD editions. The package also contains a hardback book, rare recordings, B-sides and the concert album Live at the LA Forum 1983.

The band will release details on three more volumes soon - presumably sometime during their summer tour with Journey.



Saxon Release Lyric Video For 'The Secret of Flight'

Saxon has released a lyric video for "The Secret of Flight" for their album Thunderbolt. Honest metal that never disappoints! Buy the album by clicking the cover art at left.


Ok, So We're Doing This Now

Stephen Pearcy and Juan Croucier are back with a "new breed" of RATT. Looks like those months-old rumors about Warren DeMartini getting canned are true. Or at least truish.

The Blabbermouth article linked below says the band "is planning new tracks for 2019, along with a worldwide tour in support of Out of The Cellar's 30th anniversary."

Pearcy and Croucier will hit the road this summer with RATT(ish).

Tell The World: The Very Best Of Ratt


'Mr. Roboto' - Live In Full

Happy Friday, everyone. This was a short work week for many of us but I swear it felt just as long as a normal 5 day run.

I was surprised to learn that Styx hasn't performed "Mr. Roboto" fully in over 35 years. This seems insane to me but that's what Blabbermouth reports, and the site is usually right, so I believe it. Luckily for us, everyone has a cell phone and records every concert on earth now. So you can watch "Mr. Roboto" in all its weird glory. Enjoy.

Mr. Roboto - From Styx 'Greatest Hits'


'It's So Easy' -- New Video

Well, what do you know: Guns n' Roses saved a little unseen footage for us. Just in time for the special re-release of Appetite for Destruction is a never-before released video for "It's So Easy." Here's the narrative off the Guns n' Roses Vevo page:

Guns N’ Roses – “It’s So Easy” – The music video shot in 1989 but never completely finished - until now. From the upcoming release of #AppetiteForDestruction: The Debut Album, Remastered and Expanded. Available for pre-order as Box Set, Super Deluxe, Double LP, and Double CD.

The video is live footage shot at the iconic Cathouse. I wonder how many of you were in the crowd when GnR made this all those years ago? The best part? Your boy Izzy Stradlin is on stage, right where he should be.

If you're going to get the new GnR box set, consider using my affiliate link below.

Appetite For Destruction [Super Deluxe Edition]


Faster Pussycat Plan Big Summer Tour

Faster Pussycat just announced a ton of tour dates. Click on the link below to expand the roster, but it looks like the band will really hit a variety of states. The fun kicks off June 15 at the Whisky A Go-Go in Hollywood. Comedian Don Jamieson will provide support. This looks like a blast to me. Who is going?

Faster Pussycat - Self-Titled Album



Tuesday Two-Fer IX: Dio Sabbath

Today's post is from our friend HiM.  

Dio is hard for me to critique, especially since Vivian Campbell and I stopped dating (not true). Yes, I know. He was a bit too far into dragons and rainbows (some chased, some not) and looking out for different things. But, damn, that little man packed some serious vocal power. And Sabbath needed him after bouncy bangs left for greener pastures with Sharon. You would like to think that Iommi simply went: “I smite that drunk down with an elf who has the vocals of a God.”

First Pick: "The Mob Rules"


I know. “E5150” is not part of the song. But for me, on first listen, I was baffled. What the hell happened to my tape deck? Was anyone playing anything and what were those odd vocals telling me to do? Just when I thought I was having a bad trip . . . THIS IS AMAZING!!! This song hits so hard that it knocked Geezer’s mustache off, made Ozzy second guess his decision, and left Don Arden questioning why he was such a crook and cheat.

Second Pick: “Heaven and Hell,” Heaven and Hell (1980):


When Ward starts galloping, you shut your yap and start listening. This is epic, cathedral-sized, Sab. It is a place where Iommi just lets loose and goes to places he never did with Ozzy. All the while, Dio leads them like he had been there from the start. He had big shoes to fill. And this little man proved he could.

 Honorable Mention(s): “Die Young,” Heaven and Hell (1980):


A bit of a cheat, as I am providing a bit of old and bit of new. But I find the combo informative, enjoyable and sad. Both show that this was a band that truly had so much more to give before Dio’s passing. Dehumanizer (1992) was a sorta’ stab at Dio-Sab. But it felt half-baked and less than earnest. The Devil You Know (2009) was another step in the right direction.

Here, hearing the classic line-up, under both old and new nameplates, makes you smile. They aren’t the same band. But they are. And we will never see either version of this version again. "Die Young?" Hell no. This is the stuff that makes metal fans like us want one more pull at the lever. Long live rock ‘n’ roll. Apologies to Rainbow.



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