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An Odd Night with Pretty Boy Floyd

I love Halloween.

Every year, I try to think of fun costumes and I have a rule about never repeating ideas. Last night, Pretty Boy Floyd played a "Halloween" party right here in Dayton, Ohio.

allysonwithPBF_wm.JPGOf course, about five people wore costumes including me, Eric, and Heather. Adults who attend Halloween parties and refuse to dress-up are just lame. There is nothing shameful about having some fun one night a year.

Anyway, instead of going as individuals we dressed as a theme: "Catholic Mockery." In addition to our fabulous ensembles, some guy dressed as a penguin, and a couple bartenders decided to show up to work naked. The penguin won the costume contest.

So, there was no one in the club at all last night to see Pretty Boy Floyd. Time kept on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future and still no one came. I suppose everyone was at other Halloween parties, but I had high hopes for last night. That should have been my first clue: whenever I have high hopes, the evening usually goes down the toilet.

The other day, I interviewed Pretty Boy Floyd bassist Mikki Twist over the phone. Right after that conversation, he asked me to interview Steve "Sex" Summers at the show. Those interviews will post later this week on Bring Back Glam!

My conversation with Steve Summers was just alright. He wasn't very forthcoming with his answers. To his defense, it was exceptionally loud in the back room - er, closet - we were shoved into.

During the show, Pretty Boy Floyd performed:

Your Momma Won't Know
Toast of the Town
Leather Boyz with Electric Toyz
Rock n' Roll (Is Gonna Set the Night On Fire)
I Wanna Be With You
Live Wire
Shut Up
Rock n' Roll Outlaws
Live Hard, Live Fast
Wild Angels
48 Hours
Junkie Girl

twistandscotti_wm.JPGThe performance wasn't spectacular but I'll cut Scotti D (drums), Mikki Twist (bass) and Davey Lister (guitar) some slack: they had just learned about the death of a good friend, Pat Bush. I believe he played bass for Virginia- based Twist of Faite. During "Wild Angels" crazy Scotti cried and that was more than a little disarming. I didn't appreciate the negative comments from Steve Summers. Spewing from the stage is both unnecessary and unprofessional. I understand it was probably lame to play for 19 people. Still, all 19 of us paid our cover and expected a good show.

kennypbf2_wm.JPGJust reading the set list, you can see the show wasn't very long. The list taken from the stage actually indicates Pretty Boy Floyd planned on ending with "Talk Dirty to Me." Instead, all the band members just sort of wandered off the stage after "Junkie Girl." It was during this song that Kenny Ozz of Drugstore Valentine took the stage to sing with the band. This seemed to make him awfully happy. While it was nice watching a familiar face on stage, it was an odd way to end a show. Then again, the entire night was just...odd.

Reader Comments (12) soon as I pick my jaw up off the floor I might have something to say. HOLY SHIT is the first thing that comes to mind. Strange indeed! I know I've been reading the Sludge Bored (sic) and lately everyone seems to slag PBF for a lot of crap. They cancelled a second time here due to a car one was injured thankfully and also thankful that it wasn't my show this time hahaha. They started to get a good buzz and shows were selling then they seemed to hit a wall. But 19 people, Scotti actually crying in public, cutting the set short WOW!
Frankly it sounds like you were holding back in your review my dear Allyson. Doesn't even sound like the show was "alright" sounds like it totally BLEW. But hey I mean no disrespect to the band LOL.
October 28, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
jajajajajaja, who cares about pretty boy floyd??? you look hot.

Keep rocking!!!!
October 29, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterpingster
Looking forward to reading the interview. I sent questions to Steve Summers a few weeks ago, but have not gotten the answers back yet.
October 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMetal Mark
I will admit, the show was pretty dead, but still I felt like it was a great time! And I was very much happy and honored to sing with Pretty Boy Floyd. Mr Summers and the guys were very nice and couldnt of been more cordial to me and my friends. I hope they come back again and again.
October 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
Well, I'm not even sure where to start. Out of total respect for the bands obvious grief, I'll start with that. It was absolutely heartbreaking watching Scotti D push his way through "Wild Angels" while crying over his friend. I think everyone in the place felt for him, and for the other members of the band. Guys, if you happen to read this, I'm really sorry for your loss.
Now, speaking of Scotti, HE is a real entertainer. As many people can tell you, I have a soft spot for drummers anyway, but very few interact with the crowd the way he does. He is sort of mesmerizing to watch.
Mikki Twist and Davey Lister also do their part, of course.
And that brings us to Steve Summers. There's no disputing that he has a great voice. Having spent a few moments interacting with him, however, I'm not a fan. He spent some time spewing hatred from the stage, and disrespecting the "19" audience members who actually did pay to see him. He also insulted BBG, shortly after his interview. And while I understand the crowd was much smaller than expected, it would have been nice if they'd finished their set, and actually thanked the crowd who came out to see them, instead of just wandering off. They didn't even sing the last song.. they invited other band members to sing for them. A nice gesture, and it's always fun to see Kenny onstage, but not the way to END the set.
Also, I wonder who was in charge of promotions for that show? Obviously nobody.. or there would have been more than 19 people in the crowd. The flyer promised an appearance by "Rodeo" which never happened. It also promised games, fun, etc. Also none of that going on.
All in all, it was a strange night.. but I guess that's what Halloween is all about.
October 29, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterHeather
first off to heather, thanks for the kind words and condolences.that means the world to me....yes it was a strange night indeed.ALL BANDS are gonna have good nights and bad nights. this night just happened to be the worst night of all of our shows the last cpl months..WE PROMISE to make it up to all of you.WE didnt intend to end the set that way, we always have kenny(from dsv) and johhnie and paulie(from anw) come up and play junkie girl whenever we are in the area. we were actually gonna play live hard live fast and talk dirty to me,but as soon as junkie girl ended,BAM the sound guy shut the pa off and started blasting a tape throughout the venue..not our fault,i myself was just as pissed as all of you for the way the show ended.....THANKS AGAIN FOR THE KIND WORDS ABOUT OUR BRO PAT...... c ya
scotti d-pbf
October 30, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterscotti d
I'm confused...Did Steve spew the ignorance to Scotti from the stage (that is what I thought when I read the review) or did he take everything in his site with his venom??? No matter what's ever happened Scotti has ALWAYS had the balls to be the one to make the contact. So when I made the original post, THAT was why I was freakin' someone elaborate LOL.
October 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou.
Sweet Lou,


Steve was the one that was complaining about the lack of crowd. I re-read my copy and I don't understand why you are confused. Poor Scotti did nothing wrong. He was upset over his friend.


October 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAllyson
I love the Vains of Jenna shirt!!! lol i so want it. well if someone close to them just died i wouldn't have expected a show at all in the first place.
October 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterChey

I have the same VOJ design in a sweatshirt. It says "Don't Fuck With a Rockstar" on the back.

Also, no one at the show really knew about the death of their dear friend until the band announced it from the stage.

October 30, 2007 | Registered CommenterAllyson B. Crawford
I didn't think that Scotti did anything wrong...A good friend or family member dies you grieve, understood. It was where you said...

"During "Wild Angels" crazy Scotti cried and that was more than a little disarming. I didn't appreciate the negative comments from Steve Summers."

I thought he ripped on SCOTTI and I was just at a loss. It must have just been me. I was retarded with anger if THAT had happened. I've never actually MET Scotti but have exchanged enough emails to know the guy is a straight up cat. If it was just Steve spewing crap at the crowd, well...guess that street goes both ways. There is always a couple of assholes in the crowd that pay to just through the middle finger to the band for no reason. I guess bands decide to do that once in a while unprovoked.
I had some people tell me that they still got paid so why be pissed. I'm not out of line here when I say this...the band is one of the few not asking for a huge guarantee (far from it), so they need merch sales to make some cash. With 19 in the crowd it's tough for sure, so he was probably frustrated there. Not to mention they've gotten stiffed recently on getting paid at a venue or two. WHICH totally blows! When I worked with bands back in the day, I can remember places getting just totally destroyed for lack of funds to the bands hahahaha.
Contrary to what is said on SLUDGE and the lines they draw, this band doesn't seem like a bunch of Prima Donnas...again perhaps it was just a 'strange' occurance, unfortunately for you all.
As for the Roedeo appearance...I got word a while back that she wasn't doing ANY of the scheduled appearances in Ohio, PA, etc. Seems not many promoters took THAT off their flyers or let the fans know...bad business move there. I feel a little less adgitated. Glad the
October 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSweet Lou
ke viva el rockkk
October 14, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteralej

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