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But Wait, There's More!


Well, the excitement and reach of Rocklahoma is (presumably) growing by leaps and bounds. So much so, that the organizers have added an EXTRA night to the festival.

Yep, the glam now starts Thursday, July 12. So far, British rockers Tigertailz and the Gypsy Pistoleros are confirmed for the main stage. Other bands to be announced.

This is a bittersweet announcement. For many rockers - myself included - travel plans are already locked in  place. I guess this means a lot of us won't be seeing the extra night of debauchery.

Still, for others it will be a great way to kill time until the gates open Friday morning.

To celebrate, watch this video: Tigertailz "Living Without You."



Be True to Your School

For many, glam metal was just a flash-in-the pan fad that quietly died a slow, painful death.

For others, glam serves as a reminder of bad clothes, big hair, loud make-up and the hey-day of MTV.

Still, many of us consider 80s glam metal to be more than just a fad and a significant part of music history.

While critics will point to glam Metal as soulless rock with a corporate edge, true fans understand the core principals related to rock's funnest roll.

From the first Black Sabbath record to the dawn of 1980, Metal was largely an underground phenomenon. Bands were slowly chipping away at labels, accumulating fans, channeling hits that would eventually become staples of classic rock radio. The Brits knew how to rock, and their heavier style eventually crept around the globe and into the homes - and minds - of angst filled teens.

Fast forward to the Sunset Strip and the late 1970s when Van Halen begins to capitalized on Metal's new found glory.  Their 1978 self-titled release changed the lives of many music fans and working musicians. Def Leppard cashed in as the New Wave of British Heavy Metal was becoming popular and MTV was still in its infancy.

As Def  Leppard and Van Halen amassed fans with innovative guitar work and slick production, other musicians took notice and the glam craze was born.

Despite the evil tentacles of hip-hop, country, and yes  - grunge -  glam Metal has retained a significant following more than 20 years later.

Other posters will point to the Beatles as the standard for quality music. I'm sure not sure this is a fair or equitable comparison. It's highly doubtful that any band will surpass The Beatles in inventiveness or album sales. I think it's pretty safe to say The Beatles were a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon that's crossed many generations and genders. Concert tickets these days are sky-high and teenagers download partial albums on iTunes, giving the single a second-chance comeback.  

Neither was the case during the height of Beatlemania.

As glam grew in popularity, so seemed America's fascination with all things Metal. True, it wasn't just the music that fueled the hysteria. Media coverage of the new "trend" helped fuel album sales, as did the P.M.R.C. and their waste of taxpayers dollars to censor "inappropriate" bands, lyrics and albums.

For many to say that glam Metal hasn't made a broad impact on music or culture is at once a base and naive statement. While Quiet Riot might not be able to headline Madison Square Garden these days, that doesn't mean the band's music isn't known or appreciated. In fact, even modern "headline" acts have difficulty selling seats, again because ticket prices are too high, kids are over scheduled and parents don't have time to shuttle a car pool to the weekly Metal show.

As the hey day of glam goes deeper into the past, music fans will continue to revel in the classic era of Metal. The point isn't how many Grammy awards an artist won or how an album was reviewed in the New York Times. What matters most is what matters to the fans.

 Every glam fan I know is Metal to the core.







Song and Dance Man

Warrant is on the road again, supporting their Born Again CD and DVD. Lead singer Jamie St. James spoke with Bring Back Glam about life on the road, Rocklahoma and promoting rock music in a hip-hop world. Exact transcription of the interview follows:

BBG: Let’s talk about your new DVD. Give me a rundown of the project.

Jamie: Ok, basically we decided sometime after recording the record – the Born Again disc – we ought to lay down some video stuff just to have it. We were kind of inspired by AC/DC, all the early stuff with Bon Scott, which is very cool. We’d just gotten that DVD, I think it’s called Family Jewels, and you know, we thought we ought to get something like that recorded, you know, just for the future. Then, you know, kinda got into it, and we started going crazy. So then we sort of did a video for every single song on the record. A lot of its, you know, performance on a sound stage and then we just cut in all sorts of different stuff to try and make it interesting. It’s pretty cool and there’s a lot of behind the scenes footage. I mean, we did a lot of filming…in the studio, making the record, so we thought that was kind of interesting. Of course we also have the normal, goofing around on the road stuff and you know, there’s some interesting, cool stuff on there.

BBG: Where were the live bits recorded?

Jamie: The live parts? Um…I believe several different shows. One of them, I know, was at Copper Mountain, Colorado and I think there was…one of the other ones was in California somewhere. Like around Fresno I think. It’s just all over the place, you know? (Laughs). We found some decent ones that had some cool footage so we decided to use that as well.

BBG: It’s a great component to your Born Again album. Talk about the recording process.

Jamie: You know, it was basically…when I joined the band, it was basically just to play live. I mean, that was the idea. Get someone that was able to do the live shows…but…I spent a lot of time with Jerry Dixon, writing music and it just started to happen. We all wanted to do the same thing. We wanted an old school rock record. Not try and be something old. Just be what Warrant’s always been. A rock band. We were hoping it could sound like it came out in the late 80s or early 90s, but it’s just got a touch of a modern feel to it. Basically, we were all on the same page about what we wanted to do…so we just did it.

BBG: You’re on tour now, but there doesn’t seem to be any East Coast dates. Why is that?

Jamie: You know, we’re doing fly-ins all summer, so it’s hit or miss. From two to five shows, then we fly back home. So we’re all over the map. I know we do have, at some point, we are in New York. It’s called Upstate Music Festival in New York, with Firehouse. I don’t know…we want to get more East Coast dates in. I hope there are some on the way.

BBG: I’m going to Rocklahoma, and I know you’ll be performing the main stage. Will that be the largest crowd you’ve ever played as a member of Warrant?

Jamie: Well, I think it’s going to be crazy and a blast, all at the same time. I love big shows like that and I think it’s going to be pretty memorable if all comes together the way the organizers say it will. I think it’s going to be an outstanding weekend. I know that I’ve played in front of 50,000 people, one year – one summer. That was in, oh, somewhere in Michigan or Wisconsin. So it will be close. I don’t know how many people they’re going to end up getting there, but they need to break 50,000 to break my record (laughs).

BBG: Well, organizers are saying 50,000 a day. Of course, that could be press spin.

Jamie: Yeah, you never know. I heard at one point the promoter was talking to our tour manager several weeks ago, and they [Rocklahoma] had already sold 20,000 tickets. I mean, it can get there.

BBG: Born Again, both the CD and the DVD haven’t been out very long. Still, do you have plans for another album?

Jamie: You know, I’m always working…been writing songs continuously since we recorded that record [Born Again]. Erik [Turner] and I have been writing together, and Jerry’s kind of getting into it now, so we’re definitely thinking about the future and another record. I just don’t know when we’d get around to it. Maybe the end of the year, or something, we might start to consider that. Born Again is still pretty fresh, we’re out there still pimping it as they say.

BBG: Of course. If you do another album, I’m assuming you’ll do another tour as well?

Jamie: Yeah, well…we were supposed to go to Europe several times for that record [Born Again] and we still haven’t done that yet. That’s always a possibility. You know I love to write, and so, for me, I’d love to do another record whenever we can. I’ll just keep pumping them out. Got a lot of ideas, you know the band is pretty fresh with Joey [Allen] and Steven [Sweet] coming back after 12 years. Then me being in the mix, it’s still pretty fresh feel being in the band.

BBG: Talk about that. It’s like the new and the old converging. I have to imagine it’s exciting, but I’m sure there are plenty of people still confused with the latest Warrant line-up.

Jamie: The first year it was a little bit…hit or miss. A lot of people just didn’t know, didn’t understand what was going on. If you didn’t go to our website or you didn’t read articles, then you wouldn’t know what’s happening. At this point, most people know. I’ve said before if they don’t know that I’m singing for the band, they probably think I’m Jani Lane. A lot of people do, they just don’t get it. They’re around to hear “Cherry Pie” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and they’re not paying attention to members of the band. For the most part…it’s good. I’m better now than I’ve ever been with the band. At first, it was very difficult to sing 19, 20 songs that I’ve never sang before. That’s a hard thing to get used to, but at this point, I feel real strong about it, and as long as I go out there and kick ass, it works.

BBG: You brought up “Cherry Pie” and “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” You don’t have any of the old Warrant songs on your Myspace page, and that’s directly from Erik [Turner] saying he wants the music to be about the modern Warrant. Do the other guys like to play the old songs?

Jamie: Everybody loves playing the songs. Those guys have been playing them for so long…I know, that you know, we don’t care to go into the rehearsal room and play them. I’ve played them a lot at this point. This is my fourth summer. They all enjoy playing the tunes, and there’s a crowd and you get the reaction, it’s fun. They’ve been doing those songs for a long time, but it’s still a thrill live. The reason for the Myspace, that’s Erik Turner’s idea. That’s what he wants to do, he wants to push the new record, so that’s what he’s doing. Eventually, we may want to put some of the old stuff up. Right now, he didn’t feel it was right since we have a new record.

BBG: What’s a typical Warrant set-list look like these days?

Jamie: It’s really loaded with the first two records, to be honest. That’s the bulk of the set. We will throw in – depending on how long our set is – something off Dog Eat Dog, or maybe one of the new tunes. We always try to get one of the new songs in, from the new record. We don’t push that down everybody’s throat. We give them a sample, one, two songs and then, if they want to get the record, they can get it. Maybe we might even do a Black N’ Blue song. That was my old band.

BBG: Of course. Do you plan to release another single from Born Again, with a professionally made video?

Jamie: I don’t think…there is no video stuff in the works at all. I mean, we did this DVD on our own basically and I think it’s pretty cool for people who want to know the band and they haven’t seen us. It kind of gives an insight into us. If you’re a fan of this band, then you’d probably like it. I think there is…we do want to push a second song, which is called “Hell, CA.” It’s limited you know? There are a lot of radio stations and specialty shows out there that will play new music. There’s a lot of people that were playing “Bourbon County Line” [first single off Born Again] but…it’s not like it’s 1986 and everybody’s playing this kind of stuff all over radio stations anymore.

BBG: Exactly. The only type of music that seems to get played is Beyonce. What’s it like trying to market a rock band now versus 1986?

Jamie: Laughs. Well, we don’t have a huge label behind us. So, that being said, it’s pretty much up to us, and the only way to push the record is to go out live. There are radio shows that play us –which is cool-actually, more than I realized there would be, and that’s awesome, they’ll play the new stuff. For the most part, it’s touring. That’s it. Contract with our labels, we make sure we have the rights to sell the disc [Born Again] live. That way, people can get it really easy at our shows. We thought that was really important. That’s pretty much it. We’re on our own. Well, we do have a label in Europe and we do have one here in the America and when the album first came out, they did take out some advertising on VH1 Classic. I shouldn’t say we’re alone, they’ve gotten behind us. For the most part, it’s the live shows that promote the record at this stage of the game because radio is limited and video is non-existent almost.

BBG: Well, that’s the case for everyone.

Jamie: Exactly! We’re not in any different situation than anyone else in this genre.

For more information, please visit




Well, NOW It's News...

Despite the fact that I've been reporting this for well over two weeks now, Swedish rockers Vains of Jenna finally issued a formal press release about their spot on the upcoming Poison/RATT summer tour. VOJ may need a new publicist. I'm sure Stevie Rachelle worked hard to get these boys on the tour. Still, you need to strike while the iron is hot! Official release follows:

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 2007

HOLLYWOOD, CA-Who said Internet rumors always prove to be false? Paris Hilton is spending her summer vacation in jail while her good friend Lindsey Lohan finishes up her second stint in rehab and, yes, Swedish rockers VAINS OF JENNA are also foregoing the glitz and glamour of their adopted home of Hollywood to support POISON and RATT on a summer-long amphitheater tour.

"Rock n' Roll is back when VAINS OF JENNA takes the stage. Seeing is believing, and I believe!" Bobby Dall / Poison Bassist

After weeks of online speculation as to who exactly would be the support act for Poison's annual cross-country trek it was announced today that VAINS OF JENNA have in fact been added to 45 shows beginning Sun., June 17 in Charlotte, NC and concluding Sat., September 1 in West Palm Beach, FL.

"This is what the American dream is all about," said frontman Lizzy DeVine.

Since arriving stateside 13 months ago the members of VAINS OF JENNA - Nicki Kin (guitar), JP White (bass), Jacki Stone (drums) and Lizzy - have already played upwards of 200 shows and logged nearly 45,000 miles in a van all on their own-without the help of any road crew.

Barely two years removed from high school and finding their way around a foreign country they also happened to find a loyal supporter and friend in MTV pop culture icon BAM MARGERA (VIVA LA BAM, JACKASS), who immediately formed his own record company - FILTHY NOTE - in order to offer the then teenagers a record deal.

"These guys were so damn good when I first saw them that I decided right there on the spot to start my own record company," said BAM, of his eagerness to work the band. "They're that good."

Their debut LIT UP/LET DOWN was released last October along with their first video/single NOONE'S GONNA DO IT FOR YOU (directed by BAM). Album track DON'T GIVE A DAMN was also used as the theme song for the MTV series BAM'S UNHOLY UNION, a series in which they also made an appearance when they performed at BAM'S bachelor party in Las Vegas.

"We love to play the dumps and dives that reek of day old beer and stale cigarettes, but can't wait to experience thousands of rock n' roll fans on these big stages." Adds Bassist JP White

This summer VAINS OF JENNA will hit up radio with their second single HARD TO BE VAIN.


Because Bam Said So, That's Why!

"Train Kept A Rollin,' all night long..."

Here's yet another innovative marketing ploy pushing Poison, their new album and upcoming tour. I have no idea where this is actually posted because it's not on or the official Myspace page.

 Still, a cheap and quick commercial featuring a celebrity can push a lot of units.

The track playing in the background is brand new work from Vains of Jenna. Remember, VOJ are on Bam Margera's Filthy Note label.


Fishnet Luxury

There just isn't a lot of great live music opportunities in Dayton, Ohio. National club acts go to Cincinnati or Columbus, and the local rock scene in the Gem City isn't too hot, either.

Last night, however, a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dull city.

Baltimore's the Fishnet Stalkers opened for local gents the Luxury Pushers at the new Walnut Hills.

We'll classify the entire night as glam-punk.

First, let me say that the new Walnut Hills is a beautiful club, albeit small. I guess that's good considering only about 50 people showed up all night (yet another problem with Dayton area shows).

The Fishnet Stalkers are a high energy group made up of vocalist Stevie Diamond, guitarists Matt Gabs and Conor Behrle, bassist Chris Calabrese and drummer Eric Fauver. These people look like the original Faster Pussycat on stage and Chris likes to jump around a lot, which is fun! There was a drawback: the band's sound was so over-modulated - so distorted - that it was near impossible to understand the singer. Without the ability to really hear the vocals of an up-and-coming originals garage band, it's hard to peg their ability. Judging by technical skill, I would say The Fishnet Stalkers have a lot to offer, and were just having an off night at the hands of an un-trained sound man. According to concert partner Heather "the Fishnet Stalkers  are definitely great performers. A ton of energy and good stage presence." She crowned Chris the "Glam Rock God." I agree with this moniker.The band has a debut album out on Indie label Reptilian Records. The Fishnet Stalkers are on a nationwide tour this summer, and will play dates at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood and a show with Vains of Jenna! Hear their music at

TheLuxeryPushers.JPGAfter the Fishnet Stalkers departed the stage, it was time for the main event and the Luxury Pushers. This Dayton band has been around for awhile, and features Jamy Holliday and C. Wright on guitars and vocals. Bassist Eric Purtle also sings and drummer Bryan LaBonte keeps the (very) fast pace. LXP doesn't like to be pigeon-holed into one category and doesn't like references to punk heroes, so I'll leave that out of this review. I will say that The Luxury Pushers have a pretty great sound, thanks in part to the Fishnet Stalkers making sure the audio guy actually twiddled the nobs during their performance.

The small, but boisterous crowd seemed to really get into the moment and enjoy the music. I would say the band has a fairly large local following, but the size of the crowd was a bit depressing and embarrassing. There was even a post-modern moment when Jamy invited his wife on stage and presented her with a Cold Stone ice cream cake for her birthday. There were a few amused looks around the bar, but I thought it was cute. After the cake, it was back to the rock for several more ultra-fast originals. Toward the end of the set, the band walked amongst the crowd with their instruments, which I think is probably anti-punk, but really glam, so good for them!

The Luxury Pushers have an E.P. called Eat It! Hear their music at







Band Alert: Psycho Gypsy

pyschogypsy.jpgIt's finally Saturday, glam fans.

To celebrate, I'd like to introduce you to some new (old) music.


Psycho Gypsy isn't really a new band, they've been around since 1992. The band was formed in Phoenix, and later relocated to the Sunset Strip. They opened for major bands like Cinderella, Poison, Warrant...and even Tuff! They sound like a mix of Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd and look just as great.

The band broke-up in 2000, but is back with an all-new line-up featuring singer and guitarists Eddie Electra and Timmy Tantrum plus bassist Josh J. The newest incarnation of the glam band is still looking for a drummer.

If the name Eddie Electra sounds familiar, that's because he was once involved with the Peppermint Creeps.

Occasionally, Metal Express Radio plays a Psycho Gypsy tune. It's through Metal Express that I learned of this unique bunch of musicians. I've put in an interview request, so hopefully we can learn a little more about the future plans of Psycho Gypsy.

Hear Psycho Gypsy at