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A 2 Entry Day

It's a 2 entry day because work was lousy, and I was reminded of some uplifting song lyrics:

"I'm working hard, you're working too
We do it every day
For every minute I have to work
I need a minute of play
Day in day out all week long
Things go better with rock
The only time I turn it down
Is when I'm sleepin it off

Turn up the radio
I need the music, gimmie some more
Turn up the radio
I wanna feel it got to gimmie some more."

 -- Autograph's  "Turn Up The Radio" off their debut album "Sign In Please."

The 1984 tune is the band's only hit.  

And you know what? Things REALLY do go better with rock. So the next time you fee like all you do is work, pop in a little glam. I guarantee the melodic metal will cheer you up. Or at least make you feel a little less homicidal.

(Lyrics by Plunkett/Rand/Isham/Lynch/Richards)



I hate Christmas Music

It's true. I don't like Christmas tunes because I don't like the holiday (among other religious events). I find holiday tunes intolerable, much like hearing nails on a chalkboard. Enter Twisted Sister. Yes, Dee Snider and his gang of motley men. They recorded a Christmas album featuring traditional holiday songs.

The band even made a music video for "Come All Ye Faithful." That tune has excerpts of the bands biggest hit "We're Not Gonna Take It." Now, I still don't like Christmas music, but this is slightly more bearable than the crap you hear at Macy's this time of year.

Plus, on "The 12 Days of Christmas," the band talks about stuff relating to glam (what else?!). Cans of hairspray, fishnets, etc.

Right now, sales rank for the album is #167. That's actually pretty impressive. You can look the album up on amazon and find similar comments to these. Seems like most Twisted fans enjoy the album.

I still won't buy it (because, as I mentioned, I hate Christmas music) but I won't turn the radio dial if one of the songs hits the airwaves.




Name the Riff

So, one of my hair metal tunes of the moment is Whitesnake's "Still of the Night."

The thing that drives me crazy is the song's baseline.

 I know it's Led Zeppelin inspired.

It's well documented that David Coverdale is obsessed with Zepplelin.

The question remains...did Coverdale steal the famous guitar parts from the eclectic (and fabulous!) "Kashmir?"

It's the question of the day...and our first installment of "Name that Riff."






Political Ramifications of Glam

Yes, there are many over-arching political ramifications of the glam movement.

In particular, Def Leppard's "Gods of War" was way ahead of its time, both musically and politically.

At the end of the track, the band uses snippets of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher talking about terrorism.

"They counted on America to be passive. They counted wrong. "

Years later, President Bush uttered nearly the same statements after 9/11. Only this time, musicians didn't jump to criticize the acts of statements of world leaders. They jumped on the political bandwagon, praising America's involvement in the so-called "War on Terror. "

This is clear in all the immediate, post 9/11 patriotic releases and music specials. And good for them. Except, where's the criticism?

For all it's in your face self-indulgence, ever once in a while, glam acts had the wherewithal to address social issues in a way that a younger demographic would both understand and appreciate.

Now, to the music bit of the discussion.

"Gods of War" was never released as a single off the "Hysteria" album. This fact doesn't mean the track isn't appreciated on well-known. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

The song is a true testament to late Leppard guitarist Steve Clark and his musicianship.

His intro makes the song, and adds, (again) to the richness of the political meaning of the track.

More political discussion later.






It's Time.

That's right. It's time.

It's time to bring back hair metal, ala glam. If everything that's old is new again, then bringing back some real rock would be a modern music statement.

Do you want to be a part of the revolution? Do you want to bring back glam? The bright colors, the crazy clothes, the hey-day of MTV?

This shall be our sounding board for the musical movement.

Let's get rocked.


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