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Van Halen Live - 1995

I stumbled on this beauty via YouTube... what a great show! A full concert from Van Halen in Florida in 1995. Also the video is so old - there's no cellphones in the air, blocking the view! Happy Monday and welcome back to work, Americans. I'm dreading the day but you gotta #KeepGrinding.

Van Halen - OU812


'Hair In The Fair' Canceled

The Ontario festival Hair In the Fair was just canceled. The fest was supposed to happen this coming weekend. The event was pulled because of low ticket sales.

This fest was announced back around Christmas... and I'm sure I wrote about it then. If you bought tickets, expect a refund at your point of purchase.


So This Happened

I meant to post this up yesterday and forgot. Eddie Van Halen actually tweeted on July 4th - a selfie. Perhaps to dispel rumors of his appearance or health? Or maybe something is happening somewhere in Van Halen land?

Van Halen - Studio Albums 1978-1984


Tyketto Sourcing Photo For Album Cover

Have you seen Tyketto live recently? Did you take any photos of the band during the show? The guys in Tyketto are looking for a live action shot for the cover of their upcoming album Strength In Numbers Live. If you are a professional - or budding - photographer, this is a great opportunity! Click the Facebook post for more details.

Tyketto - Reach


Happy Independence Day America! 

Happy July 4th my fellow Americans. Enjoy your day off if you get one - don't party too hard and take a cab tonight if you drink too much while out with friends. A lot of towns are having free concerts tonight. Daughtry was performing not too far from me last night but the weather was sketchy so I skipped. Let me know in the comments if you are seeing anyone fun this long weekend!


Not A Cash Grab?

All the bands we love monetize the heck out of everything possible: sky high concert tickets, meet and greets, overpriced merch, online auctions for special experiences, etc. Yesterday's post about Aerosmith's new museum in Las Vegas drew cries of "cash grab!" While I don't disagree, I tried to think of a single instance of a band doing something over the past three years that would not be considered a cash grab. I legit could not think of anything.

I recently saw Kings of Chaos. Two tickets were $180. That's a lot for a cover band. Cash grab.

KISS farewell tour and related merchandise. Cash grab.

Aerosmith, Guns n' Roses, Def Leppard stints in Las Vegas. Cash grab.

The Mega Cruise (Megadeth) this October. Cash grab.

But isn't that the point? This all based on capitalism. These bands have something we like and want, namely music and memories. We are happy to exchange our money for the music and more memories. I will be the first one to say concert ticket prices are out of control. Most folks can't afford shows anymore - and there is no reason why a crappy seat costs upwards of $100 or more these days. That is greed. But what is the limit? Who really gets to set the line of basic business versus cash grab? Each consumer votes with her wallet and that applies to everything: concert tickets, hair cuts, ice cream, anything. When I get priced out of something, I walk away or I compromise.

I used to go to tons of shows. That got way too pricey so now I do like two or three bigger shows a year. That seems to be working for me and my budget. Plus I just don't buy things anymore so that frees up more money for shows (or experiences) when I want to see one.

How do you determine a cash grab?



Go inside the brand new Aerosmith museum in Las Vegas. This is very cool - I sort of wish I was going to Vegas soon just to see this exhibit! The special collection is a new part of the band's big residency in Sin City. This is a separate ticketed event, available for purchase on the band's website.