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Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury would have been 73 today. Think about that: for many Americans, that is just now retirement age. And Freddie has been gone for so long now. To celebrate Freddie, here's a new video for "Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow." Donate money to the Mercury Phoenix Trust - to fight AIDS worldwide.


ICYMI: Vinnie Vincent Plans A Christmas Party

Vinnie Vincent will host a Merry Metal Christmas event but it isn't cheap to attend! The Christmas party will take place on December 14 and 15 at S.I.R. Studios in Nashville. Tickets are $500 and let you in to both days. Vinnie will play, there will be food, other music, a chance for a meet and greet, memorabilia on display and more. Click through to the article below to order tickets if you are interested.

Order 'Vinnie Vincent Invasion' Now


What Is Going On Here?

Another Quiet Riot show without Frankie Banali. This isn't the first time this has happened so something must clearly be going on here. Is Frankie ill? Is there infighting? Frankie Banali is the only original member of Quiet Riot left... so without him on stage it isn't really Quiet Riot, right? Are the shows advertised without Frankie? They should be.


'Dr. Feelgood' Turns 30

I just turned 40 about two weeks ago... so I don't know why I was shocked to see that Motley Crue's Dr. Feelgood was turning 30. What a milestone for such a successful album! Motley is selling some limited edition items to celebrate the anniversary. What is your favorite memory of Dr. Feelgood?


KISS-Related Facepalm

Oh boy. I actually knew this happened because our friend Kenny Ozz saw KISS in Cincinnati a couple days ago... and he posted to Facebook a picture of the misspelled city on the official tour shirt. This is ridiculous! In Gene Simmons' warped mind, he probably thinks fans will pay more for something inaccurate - "a true collector's item!"


Crashdiet Release 'Rust' Video

Our Swedish friends Crashdiet just released an official video for "Rust." The song is the title track from the band's upcoming release on September 13.

Pre-order 'Rust' here!


Nikki Sixx Talks Addiction and Stigma On MSNBC

Last night, Nikki Sixx appeared on The Beat with Ari Melber. Ari has been on vacation all week, and the anchor interviewing Nikki is actually Ayman Mohyeldin. I'm glad Nikki went on MSNBC to talk about reducing the stigma of addiction. Props to the producer who booked Nikki and gave some time to this issue.