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'Just Like Tiger Woods'

Steel Panther posted a fan-made video for their 2011 song "Just Like Tiger Woods." It made me laugh, so here you go (and yes, this song is catchy as hell):


Remembering Steve Clark

Steve Clark died on this date in 1991 at age 30. I often wonder how the trajectory of Def Leppard would have continued if Steve had gotten sober and lived to enjoy this immense success.

To their collective credit, the members of Def Leppard have done a great job keeping the memory of Steve alive. This is a group of men that has exhibited true friendship in the face of a host of crises. What would have broken most bands just made Def Leppard stronger.

Here's a great throwback clip of Steve performing in 1983.


'Aerosmith' Is 45 

I missed this by a couple days because my math was off - but Aerosmith, the self-titled debut of my favorite band, is now 45.

That's sort of unreal to me.

Aerosmith was together a few years before their debut for Columbia records. The album came out just a few months before my parents go married. This means 45 years worth of "Dream On."


New Bulletboys Music Is Here

The Bulletboys will release From Out Of The Skies on March 23rd. The first single and video from the album is called "D-Evil" and you can watch the clip below. The track features guest vocals from Jesse Hughes of Eagles Of Death Metal.

This is definitely on my "most anticipated releases of 2018" list.


The Guns n' Roses Reunion Grossed A Ton Of Cash

This is pretty darn impressive. The Guns n' Roses reunion known as the "Not In This Lifetime" tour is now the fourth biggest tour ever.

Billboard says the tour has topped the $475 million mark.

U2 has the top selling tour of all time for their 2009-2011 stadium tour. The number two spot goes to the Rolling Stones "A Bigger Bang" tour which ran from 2005-2007 and the third most successful tour is Coldplay's "A Head Full of Dreams" tour that ran from 2016-2017.

Of those tours listed, the only one I saw was the GnR (mostly) reunion. If you didn't get to see the show, there's a full pro-shot stop morning below. Enjoy and happy Friday!


Classic Spinal Tap Moments

Ultimate Classic Rock has a great story up right now of Nikki Sixx, Joe Perry and Slash sharing their own career Spinal Tap moments. I did smile and chuckle while reading. The Motley Crue story is best - it involves getting locked out of a venue and a sound guy playing their tracks while they walk onstage... without any gear. I love this true "backstage screw up" stories. Click the link on the Tweet below to read the piece, it's pretty short.


The Coachella Lineup Is Here

Talking about Coachella makes me sound hip. I like posting the lineup because I've never heard of half these acts and I'm not ashamed to admit that. Do I get extra cool hipster points for looking at property near Coachella Valley to rent as a vacation home for passive retirement income? (I really love the Palm Springs area).

Seriously, Beyonce, Eminem and The Weeknd are all great headliners. Beyond them, I don't know what I would do to kill time at this fest... but that's okay, I'm not the target demo. I'd rather save my cash for something I'd really enjoy. You know, M3 is going down in Columbia, Maryland on May 4 and 5. I'm glad that fest is back to May and not April. Too bad we'll probably all be dead from nuclear fallout by then, but hey, if not - let's plan on listening to hair metal in Maryland!