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Is It Happening?

Let the Led Zeppelin reunion rumors fly! Robert Plant left a cryptic message on his website the other day... and people took it to mean the band was reuniting. Rumors have swirled that the band would play Desert Trip or Coachella... so it seems possible. Also, it's just about time for the 50th anniversary of Led Zep. I say bring it on!

From the Blabbermouth article, linked below:

According to The Pulse Of Radio, several industry sources have supposedly told the site that Plant — presumably the lone holdout over the past decade — has agreed to team up for the still-unannounced festival and front the band. It was widely reported that ZEP turned down a whopping $14 million to play last year's two weekend event, which featured THE ROLLING STONES, Paul McCartney, THE WHO, Bob Dylan, Roger Waters and Neil Young. Fanning the flames is the fact that Plant's official web site features a blackened page with only the white words: "Any time now..."



Cruise To The Edge Bands Announced

The biggest prog-rock cruise is the annual Cruise to the Edge. This year, YES will headline. Mike Portnoy will also perform as will a slew of other acts including Carl Palmer's ELP LEGACY. Cabins are on sale starting today.


A Tale Of Two Singers

Look, we're all aging and it isn't 1987 anymore. Still, some of our favorite singers have taken better care of their voices than others. Case in point: Don Dokken versus Jack Russell. The duo sang together on stage Saturday during the M3 Rock Festival. Jack threw it down and Don just faded, and fast. It's kind of sad, actually. Discuss.


No, Motley Crue Are Not Back Together

Motley Crue broke up for good at the end of 2015. I'm sure many of you attended at least one of the concerts on the final tour. Well, a satire site posted a story about the band getting back together and apparently no one understands jokes anymore because it got picked up by several different places, including radio stations and Nikki Sixx had to set the record straight. So sorry guys, there's no Motley Crue reunion in the works (yet).



More M3 Rock Festival Videos!

M3 wrapped up yesterday and apparently the festival was amazing overall. I've been trolling YouTube, looking for clips. Here's some more:


Danger Danger:


Were you there? Write me a review in the comments!


M3 Rock Festival Videos

M3 Rock Festival is going on this weekend. The fest started last night and now some videos are popping up of the show. Here's a couple from the Faster Pussycat set. Ted Poley is filling in on vocals as Taime Downe recovers from bronchitis.

Here's a video with Jason McMaster filling in on vocals.

Here's a video from Loverboy.


I'll Just Sip Tea

No comments from me. I'll just be in the corner, sipping a cup of tea, side-eye ready to go. Discuss.

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