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Rock Against MS Foundation Announces Auction

From my inbox - a worthy cause:

The Rock Against MS Foundation, 501c3 - Is proud to announce another amazing collection of “one of a kind” experiences and items from some of the world class musicians in the music industry!

Click here for the auction: - More being added this week coming up!


Michael Anthony Signed Jack Daniels Guitar & Exclusive Merchandise
Preview Link: Click here

Alice in Chains Signed Signature Jerry Cantrell Guitar
Preview Link: Click here

Buddy Guy Signed Guitar & Memorabilia
Preview Link: Click here

Marky Ramone will Create You a “One of a Kind” Personal Drum-Head Hand Created Masterpiece
Preview Link: Click here

Jerry Cantrell, John 5, Mike Inez, Scott Ian & More - Autographed Schecter Bass Guitar
Preview Link: Click here

The Temptations & The Four Tops Signed Guitar and Memorabilia
Preview Link: Click here

Boz Scaggs Signed Epiphone Guitar
Preview Link: Click here

In its beginning stages, the ROCK AGAINST MS FOUNDATION will provide services from a three (3) grant resource system, which will provide daily care, quality of life needs and emergency funding, while assisting people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to live independent and full lives. Additionally, a brick and mortar facility we will call THE ROCK HOUSE is in the planning stages, and will provide—free of charge—multiple programs and opportunities designed to heal the mind, body and spirit of all those whose lives have been affected by MS.

About Multiple Sclerosis

  • Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system.
  • MS interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving.
  • Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The advancement, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.
  • Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more than twice as many women as men being diagnosed with the disease.
  • MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S. and 2.1 million worldwide.


Top Albums of 2017

Happy 2018. My gut tells me it's going to be crazy.

Here's my picks for the top albums of 2017. Be sure to let me know your picks in the comments section below. These are not ranked - just a bunch of great music! 

L.A. Guns - The Missing Peace

Asking Alexandria - Asking Alexandria

Warrant - Louder, Harder, Faster


Richie Kotzen - Salting Earth 


Steel Panther - Lower the Bar


Alice Cooper - Paranormal 



Crashdiet Releases Lyric Video For 'We Are The Legion'

Crashdiet have a new singer in Gabriel Keyes. Their new single "We Are The Legion" is out now. The official lyric video is below. The band will release a new album in 2018. Goodbye 2017, be safe tonight!


The Best Hair Metal Shows of 2017 (In L.A.)

L.A. Weekly has just published a list of the best hair metal shows of 2017. The shows were all, of course, in the Los Angeles area. Seeing this list just makes me wish I lived out there... my husband and I talk about moving somewhere warmer all the time. The winters are bad in Ohio and it's already miserable cold. I know we'd be happier somewhere warm... and just think of all the great shows I could attend if I lived in L.A. like all the pretty people!


Petty (Not Potty) Break

I'm going to be petty for just a minute.

I noticed an AXS TV post on Facebook last night of Bret Michaels and his band playing "Every Rose Has It's Thorn." Fine, I'm game. Give it a listen... and boy it's rough. Like, just... bad. I'm down for a Poison tour but Bret Michaels needs to step it up.

You know, you should never read the comments but I did on this post and it seems like just about everyone was agreeing with my sentiments. Thoughts?


2018 Resolutions?

It's that time again... to be planning our your resolutions for the new year. Each year, we usually discuss our music related resolutions for the coming months ahead. So what do you have on tap? Are you planning to go to more shows? Vowing to see a favorite band that's been on your list since 1987? Promising to spend less money on music?

Personally, I'm vowing to see more shed shows this summer. Last year there just wasn't much that interested me... and before I knew it, my summer was over. It never really "feels" like summer to me unless I see several outdoor shows, so I want to make sure and do that this coming new year. The winter has just begun and it's already really getting me down... so I'm trying to look forward to spring and summer as much as possible.

So - let's have it! Give me all your best music-related resolutions!


RATT Is Touring In 2018

No other details are available but RATT is touring in 2018. Will it be winter, spring, summer of fall? Festival dates? Will Bobby Blotzer come back? Let the speculation and rumors begin!

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