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M3 Adds Warrant, Stryper and Sebastian Bach 

M3 Rock Festival is next month. If you pay attention to online comments, it seemed like people were overwhelmingly disappointed with the lineup this year. The promoters paid attention and added Warrant, Stryper and Sebastian Bach. Interestingly Warrant will be on an acoustic set only. Single day tickets go on sale this Friday.


Pouring Sugar On Stuff

Def Leppard is touring this summer. To promote the tour, Joe Elliott made a video of himself... pouring sugar on stuff. Because of course he did.


That Time Rick Astley Performed With The Foo Fighters

I had no idea this happened, but back in the early fall of 2017, Foo Fighters played the O2 Arena in London... and they invited Rick Astley to share the stage for a song. Of course, Rick did his massive number one hit "Never Gonna Give You Up" for the crowd and he looked like he had a ball.

I post this because yesterday I said to some people that I was going to turn my work life into a sitcom. The theme song would be "Never Gonna Give You Up" because I'm constantly Rick Rolled by someone. Finding this clip on YouTube last night really did crack me up. Sometimes you have to laugh... otherwise you'd just cry. 


Tuesday Two-Fer, III: Winger

By our friend HIM.

Back in the day, you couldn’t get me to listen to Winger. I found them too poppy, too image-focused, too damn cheesy. You know what? I was wrong. I was wrong to mistake the image for the sound, or the craftsmanship, or the hooks. When I finally took a look at what they were actually offering, I realized I was just blinded by my existing prejudices. Thank goodness we can grow as listeners.
First Pick: “Can’t Get Enough,” In The Heart Of The Young (1990)

What’s a man with perfect teeth, a suitably hairy chest, and a flowing mane of hair to do? Simple. Craft an ear nugget of a song with co-writer Reb Beach. Though this song likely earned them no more street cred (and the continued scorn of Beavis and Butthead), it was yet again proof that the former Alice Cooper sideman knew how to write catchy songs.

Second Pick: “Down Incognito,” Pull (1993)


Google lists Winger as a “progressive metal” band. That I disagree with. What is beyond dispute is that, while metal was on the wane, Winger was still capable of making interesting music. It’s a shame that a song this good never got the attention that it deserved.
Dishonorable Mention: “Purple Haze,” Winger (1988). With all due respect to Allyson and Dweezil, no. Just no.

Official Video for Hardcore Superstar, 'Electric Rider'

We talked about the new Hardcore Superstar song "Electric Rider" last week. Now the band is out with an official video for the track. The video features Hardcore Superstar performing live in Sweden - and the show looks like a lot of fun. These guys are preserving sleaze rock the way we like it!


Daughtry Releases New Song

Well Happy Easter and Happy April Fool's Day, everyone. Blabbermouth tells me Daughtry has a new song. I'll be honest, I didn't think this band existed anymore. I followed them for a couple years after Chris Daughtry was on American Idol and then sort of lost track of them. The new song is called "Backbone" and a full length album is coming soon as well.


Which One Of You Did This? (Birthday Edition)

These are freaking great, my glam! I want a Maiden cake for my next birthday (it's in August, hint!)

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