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This Animal Drive Cover Rocks

Animal Drive rocks. Their covers EP is called Back to the Roots and they've done a version of Skid Row's "Monkey Business." The album is on Frontiers.

My goodness. Nothing is ever going to top the original, but this is a close second. Vocalist Dino Jelusic has a set of pipes, that's for sure. (You might know the name from Trans-Siberian Orchestra). Animal Drive are from Croatia. The band has one album out already called Bite! and are working on a follow-up now.

I was playing this "Monkey Business" cover and Eric was across the room. I didn't say anything. After it was done I said, "It's crazy how good that cover is!" and he said, "That wasn't Skid Row?!" So yeah. It's good.

Purchase Bite! here!


Meet The Kings of Chaos

This one is interesting. There's a new supergroup featuring 7 artists we all love. The band is called Kings of Chaos and features Gilby Clarke, Dee Snider, Lou Gramm, Kenny Aronoff, Warren DeMartini, Sebastian Bach and James LoMenzo.

This band is playing at RiverEdge Park on June 22 in Aurora, IL. That's a suburb of Chicago. This is being billed as a once in a lifetime show, so no clue if this group is really together or just jamming for this one night. GA seats are $30. Tickets are on sale now. Click the Facebook post below and you can click through to get the tickets.

Just thinking about this show reminds me of summer: warm weather and fun. It's fitting because this show happens during the first official weekend of summer. Let me know if you're planning on attending this one. After all, who knows when you will get to see Warren DeMartini perform live again.


Sammy Hagar Speaks For Michael Anthony

It seems odd the way this story is written, but it looks like Sammy Hagar is speaking for bassist Michael Anthony now. There are always rumors that Van Halen will reunite. It doesn't seem like much is happening on that front these days. And bass player Michael Anthony hasn't played with Van Halen since 2004. Now all of a sudden folks are saying a reunion is happening and Mike is in. Well Sammy says that isn't happening... but he gives his blessing anyway. So we'll see. But I wouldn't get too excited.


Aerosmith Announce East Coast Dates

Now I'm a little annoyed to be honest. Aerosmith has just added east coast dates to their Deuces are Wild residency. These will all take place at MGM properties. Eric has to be in National Harbor for work during one of the Aerosmith dates, too. So I'm going to try and be an adult and not spend the money but man. #Aggravated. Congrats to those on the east coast who could not make it out of Vegas!


Queen and Adam Lambert Rock The Oscars

Did you see Queen and Adam Lambert open the Oscars last night? The band performed in support of the nominated film Bohemian Rhapsody. The film won a few awards, including Rami Malek for best actor. Too bad it didn't win film of the year. And Lady Gaga won a well-deserved Oscar for her song "Shallow" from A Star Is Born.


Maybe We Were All Wrong

I thought for sure Motley Crue would perform live at the Whisky A Go-Go or on a late night show to promote their new music and The Dirt movie. I guess I was wrong. It seems unreal they wouldn't at minimum do a television performance, but I guess they were all really serious about never playing together again (the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame excluded, because if they get in I know they will perform then).

Just about everyone I know thought Motley would do some concerts again. Maybe we're all just jaded. Or we've watched KISS for too long.


Spirits of Fire’s ‘Light Speed Marching’ Slays 

Today's post is from our friend Him. Here's the full title he wanted, but it's too long for this website's stylesheet! 



I hope that title doesn’t make Metalboy! jealous.  And this is also a nod to Bkallday. But enough with the poster-centric lead-in call-outs . . . and the hyphens.

Never heard of Spirits of Fire before. But I like the background details: Chris Caffery (of Savatage and Trans-Siberian Orchestra fame), Ripper, Mark Zonder (a Fates Warning alumnus), and Steve DiGiorgio (Testament’s The Gathering, anyone?). Who produced this slab of metal? Roy Z. Who released it? Frontiers. Okay, at least the Italian guy didn’t get his spaghetti-covered mitts on this one!

I think that the song speaks for itself:


This is the Ripper of “Cathedral Spires.” This is the Timmy that Priest wanted, chose, and then opted to drop in favor of the metal god, Rob.  I even hear a distinct nod to the Painkiller-era. Heck, even the album cover looks like it could be a Priest disc. 

I was about to say something controversial about this song and how it compares to the current iteration of Priest. But I will let both stand on their own merits. And they both do stand.

As some noted on my previous post, Ripper is in too many bands. But, to his credit, he explains that he has bills to pay and obligations to meet. He is a lifer and bands like Spirits of Fire help to pay his way. No shame in that, especially when he can turn out music like this. I still don’t like the hat, though.

Buy the album here:

Spirits Of Fire

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