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Statement On Passing Of Tom Petty

Tom Petty died last night. He suffered a major cardiac arrest and was on life support. He died at the age of 66 surrounded by family, friends and his bandmates. Here is the official statement:


Tom Petty On Life Support

Tom Petty is on life support after suffering a massive cardiac arrest at his home last night. Earlier news reports said Petty had passed. Petty is 66 years old. Here's hoping for a miracle on a really dark news day.


Another Concert Tragedy

At least 58 are dead and more than 500+ hurt after an overnight shooting in Las Vegas. The shooting happened during the Route 91 Harvest Country Festival, and Jason Aldean was performing. Police say suspect Stephen Paddock shot people from a room on the 32nd floor of Mandaly Bay.

This situation is a little different from the terror attacks during the Eagles of Death Metal and Ariana Grande concerts in Europe. This was an open air event where the shooter basically opened up a machine gun over top the music fans. This is especially hard to see because the people had no where to go to take cover except to run... and of course, how do you know where to run when you don't know where the shooter is even staged?

Police did breach the room where Paddock was apparently holed up shooting.

So where does this leave us? These attacks are becoming more brazen. Remember, always look for an escape route whenever you go into a concert venue - no matter if it's a tiny club or giant open air event. Protect yourself.


Marilyn Manson Injured In Stage Accident

This is pretty scary. Marilyn Manson was performing in New York City last night. During the show, a big prop fell on him and he was hurt. Manson was injured but to what extent, we don't know yet. The show was canceled after the accident. Video of the accident is below.


'No Junkie Is A Lost Cause'

As the opioid crisis continues to ravage America, Nikki Sixx has stepped up his advocacy efforts. He recently wrote an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times about this country's response and it is pretty powerful. Everything Nikki writes is true - I hope it brings some more awareness to the crisis and lack of government help in this arena. For places like where I'm from, it seems like most young folks are addicted to something. It's unreal and it can be stopped - with the right programs and plans. Nikki writes:

"I am one of the lucky ones. And I know my continuing sobriety is not the result of my actions alone. I have a loving family and an extensive support network.. I have AA and the guidance of my sponsors. I have good health insurance. I have the money, time and resources to help me save myself.

So many people don’t have access to these resources. But they are no less deserving of help. No one is a junkie by choice. And no junkie is a lost cause.

Addiction cannot be solved behind closed doors. It’s a sickness, a systemic failure and a societal problem. Individuals are responsible for their own recovery, but too often, we struggle and suffer — as we sin — in secrecy and silence. Secrecy and silence do not lead to solutions.

So I am speaking out. And so should you. Because another 142 people are going to die today."


Bret Michaels Knows Hotels

Apparently the Rock Star Suite located at the Hard Rock Riviera Maya is amazing. So now you know. I'm glad it is Friday. My hand is really hurting again and I need a break from computer work. Have a good one.


Did Vinnie Vincent Save KISS?

Our favorite hermit, Vinnie Vincent, is about to come out of the shadows. He's appearing at the Atlanta KISS expo on Saturday, January 20, 2018. Now he's in a promo video for the event - watch it below. I'm really jealous of the people who land tickets for this. The stories would be amazing.

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