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New Buckcherry Video!

Buckcherry has released a video for the track "Radio Song" from the album Warpaint. The clip mixes proper video footage with live clips from the band performing in Las Vegas. I actually think Warpaint is a pretty strong album. I should add it to my running playlist actually. I need some different tunes to mix it up.

Buckcherry - Warpaint


Quiet Riot Release 'Don't Call It Love' Single

I am feeling very out of the loop right now. I have not caught up on music news since my trip. I see now that Quiet Riot has released the stream of a new song called "Don't Call It Love." The song will be on the upcoming album Hollywood Cowboys, due out in early November. Jacob Bunton wrote the lyrics to this song - you might remember that name from Lyman and Adler's Appetite.

Pre-Order 'Hollywood Cowboys' Here!


Sammy Hagar and the Circle - 'No Worries' Video

Sammy Hagar and the Circle have a new video out now for the song "No Worries." It is from the album Space Between. This is some great new rock music. Too bad most folks probably have no idea this band even exists, let alone the album!

I am home after my big European adventure. It was great to have a true break: I did not take a laptop with me and this was the first time I did not update the site with new posts since it launched in 2006. I do not remember the last time I traveled without a laptop - and it was glorious. I had no or spotty wifi and cellular service most of the time too. I could not get voice calls. I did not look at my work email. I dread going back to the office tomorrow. Seeing how folks live (and eat!) in Spain and Italy just makes me reflect on how much better things could be in America. We should focus more on gathering with friends, spend a little more time lingering over our meals and cooking fresh and quit eating all the processed junk shoved our way. As a vegetarian for decades I tend to naturally eat healthier than other folks, but we all have room to improve. Walking more and driving less wouldn't hurt, either.


(Repost) Def Leppard, Live In 1993

This is our final repost of summer vacation. I hope you've enjoyed going back through the archives with me! Originally published on October 27, 2013, many of you enjoyed this little clip of Def Leppard history.

Def Leppard - Volume Two [7 CD Box Set]

Def Leppard recently released Viva! Hysteria on blu-ray. That will likely make my holiday wish list. Thinking about the new blu-ray made me a little nostalgic for vintage Def Leppard, so off to YouTube I went... and I found some awesome performance footage from the band back in 1993. I was in seventh grade when this video was made. I think I love Def Lep even more now than I did back then. Enjoy.


(Repost) Outstanding Warrant

Warrant was on tour back in the spring of 2018. I covered the band for the Dayton City Paper before they rolled through town. This interview was originally published on March 6, 2018.

A lot of people might be surprised to learn that Warrant released an acclaimed new album in May of 2017. For folks that equate Warrant with late ‘80s hits like “Cherry Pie” and “Heaven,” the modern Warrant is still rocking, with an updated sound and touring on the back of Louder Harder Faster.

Warrant - Louder Harder Faster

True fans know the band has had its share of ups and downs, but lately it’s been all good. There were line-up issues and spats with original singer and hit maker Jani Lane. Then a short-lived reunion and Jani’s untimely death. In 2008, Robert Mason joined the band as a permanent member. A decade in, Mason reflects on the popularity of Warrant and just how many live shows they do each year. The band will play BMI Raceway in Versailles on Saturday, March 10. Fellow 80’s rockers Steelheart are also part of the bill. Dayton-based Blackwater will provide support.

“We came through Dayton about a year ago,” Mason remembers. “We’re normally good for rolling through a couple times a year, pretty much everywhere. We did more than 60 shows last year.” If you’ve seen Warrant recently, you know what you’re going to get: 90 minutes of party rock. In fact, the band comes as advertised. “We just want to bring as much fun and good times as possible,” admits Mason. “For the 90 minutes or so that we play, forget about your problems. If you’re not really versed in all things Warrant, come out and learn something. Enjoy a real live rock show with a real live rock band in real time – come scream and jump up and down. That’s the best way I know to enjoy a show. When I see that happening to an audience, that’s when I get the most out of it.” Mason was once a member of bands like Lynch Mob (with guitar phenom George Lynch) and Big Cock (featuring King Kobra guitarist David Michael-Philips) so he’s got the right ‘80s pedigree to front one of the biggest bands of the era.

Unlike many of their peers, Warrant kept on chugging, writing and working when possible. Somehow the group made it through the grunge-obsessed ‘90s intact. By the time 2007 rolled around, the resurgence of hair metal was an actual thing with dedicated festivals and hordes of fans willing to pay top dollar to see their heroes live and on stage once again. Now it’s 2018. The holiday season is over and the guys in Warrant are once again crisscrossing the country, working their way across the heartland and playing songs that bring a lot of people back to their high school
salad days.

All that nostalgia doesn’t leave too much room for modern times, but Warrant always adds at least a couple of new songs to each set. After all, why create new music if you’re not going to play it live? “We definitely play the title track [to Louder Harder Faster] and ‘Only Broken Heart,’” Mason explains. “You can’t always take every track and play it and expect it to translate to the vibe. You want an audience to have a little rollercoaster ride with the set. We have songs we have to play and we love to do that. It is kind of fun to play a surprise new song for people to see if they ‘get’ it. Hardcore fans know the [new] songs. I like to play songs from a newer record that have a specific purpose in the set or are up-tempo and I do the preface to Louder Harder Faster and explain the new record and get everyone into screaming their brains out so by the time the chorus comes around, they know it. It’s always a bit of a challenge for people when people hear new music. It’s the greatest thing when they hear it and embrace it.”

Getting people to embrace music, or any live event, is a struggle over digital addiction these days. Mason takes it in stride but does encourage fans to put away the phones and just enjoy the moment. “Check your Facebook and take a couple pics to prove you were at a Warrant show, but then take a second to unplug from the virtual and social media world. Put your phone in your back pocket.”


(Repost) Bring On The Battering Ram

Back on September 15, 2015, The Dayton City Paper published my interview with Biff Byford of Saxon. The band was getting ready to come through Dayton and I was promoting the show. This was a fun interview and one of my favorite pieces from my time with the DCP.

Saxon - Battering Ram

“We are a live band… no click tracks running with Saxon so I suppose [the stage] is where we like to be!” says Biff Byford, Saxon frontman, of his band’s current North American tour.

Saxon is on the road behind its upcoming effort Battering Ram. A battering ram is a giant contraption from ancient times that is designed to bust through fortified walls. Basically, it’s a tool to break big things.

The band matched its metal sounding album title with the tracks on their new release. For Battering Ram, Saxon is back to basics, with “less rock and more heavy” as Byford is quoted saying of the upcoming record.

“The new album is still quite melodic, but I think the guitar parts are more focused not so much moving around from rock to metal,” Byford tells Dayton City Paper.

The album features 10 songs, including the title track “Battering Ram.” Keeping with the heavier metal theme, other tracks on the album are “Destroyer,” “The Devil’s Footprint” and “Stand Your Ground.” The effort will be the band’s 21st studio album.

Writing credits for most songs are simply attributed to “Saxon” so you never really know which band member wrote a particular track. Still, Byford admits he does write a lot of Saxon material and he says he teamed up a lot with bassist Timothy Carter to create songs for Battering Ram.

Think of the material on Battering Ram as metal, just laser focused. The band members wanted to concentrate mainly on writing straight-ahead metal songs instead of changing into other music styles as they have with past efforts.

Choosing to hit the road with Armored Saint for a fall run is a slam-dunk for heavy music fans. Known as stalwarts of American thrash, Armored Saint have been staples on the metal scene for nearly four decades. Opening for Saxon, one of the band’s influences, is like coming full circle. The two bands will crisscross the Midwest together for a handful of club shows. Still, Byford wants everyone to know this is Saxon’s tour. He loves the road and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

If anyone understands what a laser focus on metal is, it is Byford. After all, he is the man who campaigned to make heavy metal a recognized religion in the UK. In partnership with Metal Hammer magazine in 2012, Byford helped gather votes to classify “heavy metal” as a religion during the most recent census.

“The music’s not about love,” Byford explained to The Independent back in 2010. “Our songs are more about Richard the Lionheart, steel trains and thunder. But when you do click with a big audience, it can be quite an experience, a massive connection… I suppose you could say it is a religious experience in a way.”

By forever staying on the road, playing big festivals and small clubs, the guys in Saxon are continuing to proselytize.

“I remember playing [at McGuffy’s House of Rock, now Oddbody’s] there a couple of times,” Byford says. “The Midwest fans are great. We are spending more time in the states this tour.”

Spending more time in the states means wider publicity for their new album and all the benefits of continuous gigs like increased merchandise sales. No rest for the weary, come November, the guys in Saxon will board a jet and head home to Europe where they will team up with icons Motörhead for a month-long tour.

Even with a career that spans decades, memorable songs and legions of fans, Byford and the rest of Saxon remain thirsty for more creativity, more shows, more metal. That is good news for fans of the genre.

“I think the metal scene is getting a lot better,” Byford admits. “Bands like us have an arsenal of big songs. When new bands have some pedigree, they will be able to make the choice to go on or to retire.”

The Guardian recently did a feature on aging musicians. When a reporter asked Byford why he and his band continue to perform live night after night, he quips, “The rock retirement age is 106. What else are we supposed to do? Sit in wicker chairs?”

For Saxon, there are no signs of retirement or even slowing down. After all, a battering ram requires speed and force to bust through walls—not wicker.

Battering Ram will be released in North America on October 16 via UDR Music.


(Repost) Sebastian Bach Talks New Album, Shares His Hair Care Ritual

Another one from the Noisecreep archive. I was actually looking for this one a couple months and couldn't find it. I was telling Eric that one time Sebastian Bach told me about his hair care ritual. I knew I didn't dream up that conversation! Originally published on October 2, 2011, Bach told me about his hair and his Kicking & Screaming album.

Sebastian Bach - Kicking & Screaming

"I look at music as a form of self-expression and I know exactly what I want to hear," singer Sebastian Bach tells Noisecreep. "I could not be happier with this CD [and] the way it sounds."

Bach's new record is called 'Kicking & Screaming.' The album is his first with label Frontiers and features axe work by Bach's new guitarist Nick Sterling. 'Kicking & Screaming' was written during a time of immense change for Bach, including divorce and the death of his father.

You always have to write what you feel, and a lot of the songs on the record are about losing a loved one, or finding new love," explains Bach. "That's kind of autobiographical and it goes along with the cover and the lyrics all kind of tie it in."

For all the introspection and modern production, Bach is still Bach: a performer known for a big voice and good looks. But how does Bach keep his hair looking so good? A strict routine and product, of course.

"Specifically it's Nexxus Therapy shampoo, with Kerafix conditioner or a Moroccan oil leave-in and at the end, blow dry it... and then rub some Moroccan oil in to it and then you'll have a Sebastian Bach bouffant," laughs Bach as he explains his daily hair care ritual.

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