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More Consumerism

Bret Michaels is launching more products today for his all-new lifestyle line. Items include candles and cards. It's not all bad because proceeds go to Bret's Life Rocks charity, but still. If you need a card, go to the Dollar Tree. Or better yet, just talk to your friend or loved one in person or on the phone, save a dollar and the space in the landfill.

Freedom Of Sound, Vol. 1: A Collection Of Songs, Past & Present


Steel Panther Announces More Tour Dates

Steel Panther is touring the U.S. for their Sunset Strip Live tour. I'd be interested in going to see them live again, but the shows closest to me (Indianapolis and Cleveland) happen when I will be out of town. Anyone going this? I feel like I haven't been to a concert in forever.

The only concert I'm holding tickets for right now is Aerosmith in April... that's like 7 months from now! I bought my flights for that trip this morning, so you can tell I'm pumped. I'll probably see 98 Degrees (it's free) when I'm at Disney World next month. They are playing during the Food and Wine festival. And I'm going to Vegas in December too - so I'm sure I'll see someone out there then... but nothing has caught my fancy yet in terms of show announcements. I might try to see Metallica when they come to Ohio in January. We'll see. They are coming to Cincinnati January 30 and I usually bug out of town during that week of the year because I need to escape the cold.

As you can tell, I like long range planning and having things to look forward to - I always need a trip on the horizon!


Dee Snider Reveals 'American Made' Video

Dee Snider wears an American flag shirt in his new "American Made" video. The song is from the new album For The Love Of Metal. It's pretty heavy and a good time. I still haven't bought this album. I probably should. Have you?


Motley Crue To Record New Music

Today's post is from HIM. Let me just say, I'm not one who is stuck on the "no more tours" contract. The band is making new music and not touring but really, who cares? The contract to not tour was with... each other. I'm not really sure how legally binding a PR stunt is, but whatever. Everyone online was freaking out about "the contract" and I say, just enjoy the new music! - Allyson


Crue! Whew! Phew! You?
Yup. The cat is out of the bag, thanks to Crue’s resident Blotz, Neil:



So how do you feel about this? Me? Um. Well. Sure. Yeah. Okay. Right. Cool. Whatever.
I mean, nothing since Decade of Decadence mattered much to me, save the ‘oh so controversial’ eponymous 1994 release. Some okay songs. Some fairly good songs. Some other songs.
And I don’t begrudge them a new song or two (or four). They said they wouldn’t tour. What tour means is going to be up for some discussion, I assume, in subsequent years. But they never said they wouldn’t write new songs (under threat of legal penalties given all those documents they signed, legally-speaking).
So let me bring my recent comments (on other posts) to the fore: why? What purpose does this serve? If it is for the movie, then it doesn’t make a lot of sense, since that is about your glory days. If it is, as the article above suggests, a way to cash in (maybe) on a (how many have there been?) new greatest hits album, what is really the point? Who doesn’t own your greatest hits? How many were there, really? And how many times can you repackage them before fans—true fans—start to question your motives?
I love that Motley Blotzer is “excited.” That likely means he is going to dab gravy on his pork pies, rather than slather it on. But it really doesn’t add to the band’s incredible catalog. If anything, this will subtract from it.
I am sooooooooo willing to be wrong on this. Same goes for the movie. But I just don’t see how this turns out being a good thing, for a good band, that wants to maintain its status with those of us who truly appreciate what they did for metal.
Neil says “Rock On!” I say, “Come on.”


The Greatest Hits - Motley Crue

It's The Little Things

I love Jeopardy! Apparently Tommy Lee was an answer yesterday (or recently). Very cool. Well, at least I laughed.


New Joan Jett Music!

Well this is a nice surprise! Joan Jett and the Blackhearts have released a new song. It's called "Fresh Start" and is from the upcoming rockumentary Bad Reputation. You'll be able to watch that on September 28 via on demand. Some theaters will also carry the film.

I knew the rockumentary was coming but I didn't think much about new songs. The track below sounds just like the 80s! I've never seen Joan Jett and the Blackhearts live but I'd like to for sure - and I hope "Fresh Start" makes it into the set. Good stuff.

Happy Wednesday and if you're in the path of Hurricane Florence, please make plans to evacuate away from the south east coast. This is a monster storm and shouldn't be ignored. Be sure to pack batteries and extra phone chargers so you can pass the time while listening to some music!


Enuff Z'nuff 'Diamond Boy' Video

Here it is: the official video for "Diamond Boy" from Enuff Z'nuff. The song is from the new album of the same name. Enuff Z'nuff has always amused me. A band of oddities with great songs.

Things are different now with just Chip Z'nuff and none of the original guys. But still it's new glam and you should check it out.

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